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Favourite Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are some of the most popular characters to come out of Disney and everyone has a favourite. You can’t walk around Disneyworld or any of the other Disney parks without seeing little girls dressed in various princess dresses. They even have the popular BIbibidi Bobidi Boutique set up to give children the opportunity to dress up as their favourite princess.

As a child I was a tomboy and so was never overly bothered by the princesses then but I have to say as I have gotten older I have grown to love many of the princesses.

So who are my top Disney princesses?

Tiana (Princess and the Frog 2009) – I love that she is such a hard worker. Not only did she end up being a princess through choosing to stay with the prince when they’re frogs but she actually teaches him a thing or two, becoming a princess is just a bonus to her which in the end she uses to fund her lifelong dream of opening her restaurant. She’s down to earth and views everyone equally, not allowing Naveed’s status and attitude make a difference. Her love for both parents is clear throughout the movie and is shown to be the real driving force for her again making me love her all the more because she is doing all this work for more than just herself.


Anna (Frozen 2013) – She is just so much fun! Despite her obviously being desperate for someone to love her in the beginning due to the lack of relationship she has with her sister Elsa she is still so positive. The writers could easily have made her too needy as a character because of what she lacks from her sister but instead they used it to add to this sweet childlike view to life. She views life as a positive experience where good things can always happen. I love that she remains positive and relatively carefree, even enjoying the harder parts of her journey and making jokes along the way. Plus in the end she shows how deeply she cares for people not even thinking twice about saving her sister.


Belle (Beauty and the Beast 1992) – Well Belle loves books so that might have something to do with my love for her as a princess. I love that she accepts who she is and what she likes despite what everyone in town says about her and to her. She doesn’t fall for Gaston’s advances and instead sings about how she wants more from life than the boring every day.  She believes there is so much more that life can offer you refuses to accept for anything less. Also despite how everyone treats her she remains kind and happy with a deep love for her father. She eventually sees through to who the Beast really is and tries to help him become someone more than he believes he can be.


Mulan (Mulan 1998) – What isn’t there to love about Mulan? She is so clumsy and relatable. She took notes on her arm to help her against the matchmaker, she continually doubts her own ability and where she fits into her family and the greater world. Sounds like every teenage girl going which is why she is so fun to watch as she grows through the movie. Mulan ultimately puts the wellbeing of her father before her own, risking her life in order to save his. I love that despite the fact she struggles through her training to begin with she doesn’t give up and actually comes up with a different approach to her biggest obstacle.


Rapunzel (Tangled 2010) – Omg she is so cute. She is probably one of the most innocent princesses out of them all and that just makes her all the more endearing. Her dream is simple and more about experiencing life than anything else. She views everyone as equals believing that Flynn can help her achieve her dream while also happily listening to the dreams of the more colourful characters she finds at the Snuggly Duckling. Honestly I just love her sweet character, she wants to enjoy life but also accepts in the beginning that the only thing she needs to see is the lanterns and then she will return to her tower so as not to accept Mother Gothel. I love when she is finally in the kingdom she genuinely enjoys every single part of it and gets everyone to join in dancing together. Also this doesn’t really count towards why Rapunzel is top but I love her dress most, all things purple.


Would love to hear who everyone else’s favourite princess is!

Thanks guys



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