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Motivational Monday

That time of week again. Funny how weekdays can go so slowly and yet the weekend just flies in.

Monday seems to be the day that everyone believes is the best time to start something new. Everyone has heard the old favourite of “my diet starts on Monday” and yet every time Monday comes round we find excuses to not bother. We then give ourselves a hard time for not having our life where it “should” be.


A personal favourite quote of mine going back to my preteen days when I was obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I appreciate this quote more now than ever as I struggle through my twenties – ok struggle is a bit strong but I think we can all understand the horror of the quarter life crisis.

We often live our lives for other people more than ourselves. We make choices based on those around us whether we mean to or not and this can lead to many of us feeling like a failure if we are not at the same place as other people we know.

So on this Monday I hope to make you all feel a bit more relaxed about your choices. Just because your childhood best friend is happily married with 2 kids and a dog while you’re planning your next exotic trip or further climbing the ladder doesn’t make you a failure or “lost”. It means you are on your path that is different to your friend and that is ok. It doesn’t mean you are failing it means you are supposed to be doing something different.

Keep moving forward guys. Every path is different but nobody is ever really lost.

Happy Monday!


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