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What I Take On Holiday – City Style

Well as I’m only days away from my return trip to Copenhagen I thought it would be fun to have a look at what I take on holiday for a city break.

I’m not sure about everyone else but I tend to pack and repack my bag when I go on holiday. Obviously depending on where you are going your suitcase or backpack can be filled with different things so as a way to let you all know me a bit better I will show you what I take on a city break.

My polaroid cube – I got this for Christmas back in 2016 and wow it is one of the best things I own for not just holidays but every type of family occasion or fun moment. To this day I can still be pretty forgetful for using it unless it is on holiday but particularly for a city break it’s great because it’s small and fits in every bag I have. Plus I can link it to my phone so I can actually control it with my phone, although that drains the battery quite a bit so I’d stick with using just the camera and trusting your direction skills!

A book/kindle – I love my kindle because of how practical it can be for going on holiday, especially if you are like me and tend to go through book after book. However sometimes taking a physical book is also great and for going back to Copenhagen I will probably take a physical book rather than my kindle because I can only imagine having enough time for one book.

Selfie stick – I still judge myself for this to a degree but they are really useful. People using them in the likes of a Disney park and walking into people is not ok! I have one for my phone and one for my polaroid cube which sometimes can be really handy. These will be getting used in Copenhagen because there are a few of us going. I would say that I am more likely to use it in Copenhagen than somewhere like London or Rome because some places are just far too busy to add that as a complication.

Some type of snack – I normally have some type of cereal bar in my bag to take wherever I go. I normally eat everything but when going on a city break I like having snacks in my bag (obviously travel safe) to have normally in case we don’t get to the hotel or wherever until an awkward time and I need a little pick me up.

Polaroid camera and polaroid film – Yes as well as my polaroid cube I also have a camera which I have far too much film for. This is a handy thing to always have in my bag in case I come across a perfect photo opportunity. When I was in Paris with a few friends in 2016 we managed to get the cutest polaroid in front of the Eiffel Tower. Plus some of the special film you can get is so cute!


A scarf – This sounds silly as I write it but even the photo above proves it. I always take a scarf, sometimes it’s a proper winter scarf since some places can be pretty cold and then other times it’s more of a fashion scarf so my outfits look nicer. I think it has something to do with the overall city vibe, I feel better and more a part of the city when I add loads of accessories. Trust me a thick scarf will be getting used when I’m in Copenhagen.

A notebook – Ok this is more something I want to start doing. I used to always take a diary with me to write down everything that happened on my holidays. In fact I still done it when I last went to Florida in 2014 but I ended up becoming too focused on doing it so I would stress myself out if I didn’t fill it in. So my new approach will be to take a notebook and take notes as I go, like quotes or funny moments or really anything that comes to mind – but in a fun way!


I think it goes without saying I will have my passport, phone and purse right? Although I do switch to a smaller purse than my normal one to make it easier to carry about and helps make sure I only have what I need (i.e. minus my hair appointment cards, receipts from two months ago and other useless member cards I will never use).

What do you take on a city break? Anything that is only special to you?

Thanks guys


5 thoughts on “What I Take On Holiday – City Style”

  1. Haha I am the worst for taking snacks with me. Most of the time I never end up using them but always good in case you don’t arrive there until an awkward time. Oww I need to get myself a portable charger. My friend took one when we went away last year and it was so good 😊

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    1. Haha I’m not sure I’d be able to give tips but the type of Polaroid camera I have had different options on the lense so when it’s blue skies I use the option that has a little sun on it 😊 doesn’t always work first time but I normally find trying the different settings helps massively 😊

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