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Countdown to Copenhagen

Finally after a cancelled flight in March due to snow I am returning to Copenhagen to see one of my best friends. Countdown is on, currently standing at 4.5 hours!!!

Plus it’s actually meant to be good weather! Sunny for all of today which is good since we get there late afternoon. I will be pleased with mild temperatures to be honest, considering last year when a group of us went it was freezing!


Seriously don’t let the pretty houses or the smiles fool you, we were cold! Even more so when we decided to go out on a boat. Who’s genius idea was that again?

Not sure what the plans are this time round but 2 of the above people can’t make it this year and one of our friends that couldn’t make it last year is coming with us this year so a wee bit different. Plus there isn’t the added pressure I put on myself to see specific things since I saw the two main things I wanted to last time.

Preferably I’d maybe like to see the Little Mermaid statue in sunlight rather than at night but then considering how busy it can get there I’m not holding my breath.

I’m more excited to see my wee bestie again. You’d think after knowing him for close to 10 years we’d be sick of each other (I mean he probably is). But when he decided to move to Copenhagen for his masters 2 years ago safe to say the entire group were quite gutted about it! Good news is he’s coming home this summer, bad news is he tends not to be able to sit still so there is a very good chance he will disappear off somewhere else.

Photo: Of course that picture on the bench is posed. I’ve learnt to do what I’m told whenever he is on one of his photography kicks. Considering in Frankfurt he made us all stay out late so he could get a nice picture of the city at night.

Does anyone else know anyone like that? I wish I had the guts! He’s went off to tons of different countries and when he was still studying here he would randomly book a flight somewhere on a Thursday or something and come back Monday. He’s insane! I’m too much of a home bird for that but if he wants to keep going to different places then it just means I need to keep visiting him in all these places!

Hopefully this weekend goes as well as last year’s trip did. Looking forward to a break away from reality and a long weekend away from work is always nice. Although I was still up at quarter to 7 this morning, oww well.


I’m actually hoping to do a proper post about this year’s trip to Copenhagen but we’ll see how that goes!

Thanks guys



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