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Copenhagen 2018 Trip

There are always upsides to friends moving to a different country and getting a chance to visit them over there in whatever country is definitely the silver lining. Copenhagen is actually beautiful! I thought I loved it last year when I visited it for the first time but this time was somehow so much better!

Maybe because I had already experienced some of the touristy stuff so there wasn’t the sane pressure I put on myself to see everything so I can probably say this trip was overall more relaxed, which let’s be honest is exactly what you want from a holiday, no matter how long it lasts for.

Only 3 of us managed over to visit our friend this year so having 4 people probably made it easier to do things because there weren’t so many people to please but I did miss some of our other friends, especially (let’s call her Anne) because Anne is normally the best for taking loads of photos and trying countless types of food. However she has had a tough year so far and didn’t have enough holidays left to come with us so we’ll just need to fill her in next time we see her.

We stayed at our friend’s flat so we basically claimed the living room area as our own but it was great because it was almost going back to being 14 again having sleepovers. It’s crazy how many stupid conversations you can have with your closest friends at 1am, even after spending ALL day with them.

Day 1 – Every trip to an airport no matter what time the flight is at means “breakfast” and a drink. Let’s be honest who doesn’t do the obligatory airport beer photo? Thankfully the flight was a short one because the screaming kid a few rows back wasn’t the best thing to have


We landed and after a few trains and a bit of a walk we finally managed to get back to Kieran’s flat and meet his flat mates. We made fajitas for dinner and as usual talked about basically nothing.

Kieran had to leave during dinner to go to his job at a bar so after the rest of us relaxed a bit longer we headed over to see him at his work. Not before we stopped on the way for cake. Uh I just remembered the cookie I had and now I really wish I bought some to save for later! The bar was nice enough, turns out Kieran works with a really handsome Australian guy and surely nobody can complain about that.

We had a good laugh though and ended up staying out til about 2 in the morning. I am getting far too old for this haha!

Day 2 – A proper little tourist day for us. We didn’t actually leave the flat until close to noon but we still managed to fit in loads of stuff in one day. My step counter on my phone was at around 25000 by the end of the day!

We stopped at a little cafe for some “breakfast” pastries and wow they were so good, so good they weren’t there long enough for me to take a photo of them 😂 We actually had to go shopping so Jodie could get sunglasses because it was so unexpectedly bright and sunny (not that we were complaining of course).

Since Jodie hadn’t been there last year it meant we got to revisit some tourist points like Nyhavn to see the colourful houses. I really love this area though it’s so cute and great for photos of course!

We wandered about all day, stopping off in parks around other scenic stuff. To be honest I can’t remember much of the other stuff we saw specifically but the weather was amazing so we just kept walking everywhere. We even stopped at a bench to get our usual Kieran fact of the day.


Originally we were meant to go out for dinner because Kieran wasn’t working that night anymore but after so much walking about during the day we decided to have a takeaway instead. Me and Kieran also went a further walk to a little supermarket to get sweets for afterwards. I can tell you now he made the right choice in not letting me get too much because after our pizza and whatever else was ordered we really weren’t that hungry.

Not sure if anyone else ends up doing this when having a night in with friends but wow did we reminisce about our school days and people we knew. We relived fun stories from years ago and honestly talked absolute nonsense for hours. I planned on having an early night considering how late we were up the night before but I truly got to enjoy their company.

Day 3 – Our last day. The weekend went far too fast but we had a real bit of luck. We went to Bispebjerg cemetery and saw the sweetest cherry blossom trees, I know what you’re thinking a cemetery isn’t exactly somewhere you would plan to go on holiday but this places stunning. A nice consolation prize considering that if we had managed to get there in March we wouldn’t have saw them.

It was such a relaxing place even though it was full of people. I don’t blame them to be honest because the trees were amazing to look at (definitely making me want to go to Japan to see them there too!)

The best part is there was a place we could all just sit and relax and I don’t know about anyone else but that’s where we end up having the best conversations as a group. I even accidentally recorded from my Polaroid cube in my pocket so I have little snippets of conversation gold.

This also proves Jodie was actually there! It wasn’t just the three of us, she just won’t give me any photos with her in them.

We wandered about more and found this cute Irish pub to stop at where we just ate basically anything that was bad for us. Nachos, loaded chips, chicken wings, onion rings etc. Although we were originally planning to go to the TGI’s as our last meal together on holiday only a few hours after this. Safe to say we didn’t make it to TGI’s

We did however find it in us to go for cheesecake as a goodbye meal with Kieran before heading to the airport. Let’s be honest we all have a separate stomach when it comes to desserts don’t we? This place was amazing! I’m never overly fussed on cheesecake like there are other cakes and stuff I would choose before cheesecake but Kieran kept saying it was the best cheesecake place going so I had to give it a try. Not only did they offer loads of different kinds, like chocolate cookie or lime meringue or oreo cookie etc but they all honestly just look incredible. I went for the cookie one and was not disappointed. I always love there to be a thick biscuit base so I was sorted and the coffee was good too. Although I am still not entirely sold on the idea of coffee being served in a glass.


I already miss having them all around 24/7. It’s a nice little reminder of how lucky I am.

Not sure I’d return to Copenhagen any time soon after going two years in a row but it truly is a beautiful place to be 😊

Now onto some planning for my next holiday whatever that ends up being.

Thanks guys


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