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You’ll Get The Job You Want

Woo it is now 4th May and that means I have officially finished my probationary period at my job. That means I have been there 12 weeks already! I swear sometimes that feels like it has went in so fast but at other times I feel like I have been here soooo much longer.

It took me a long time to get to this job and even this job isn’t my end goal. This company is but the job itself, though I enjoy it for now, is not the level of job I feel I should have long term considering I want to university for 4 years.


I took this job as a perfect opportunity to gain that invaluable experience that every job I applied for wanted so badly. 4 years at university does not guarantee that dream job and if you are anything like me and would rather not get thrown into a high end position straight off then it means you’ll need to do some grunt work to get anywhere.

I already done a post focusing on university not being the be all and end all but going to university gave me certain expectations about the job I wanted after leaving. This in turn made me turn down a lot of lesser paid jobs because I grudged spending all that time studying to not get what I feel I deserved.

I quickly learned that sometimes you need to suck it up and I put on my big girl pants and focused on the end goal instead. I look at my job now as a stepping stone to something greater in the future and a chance for more doors to be opened to me that I may have previously assumed I would want closed because of my limited knowledge on what the big bad world is actually like.

There are no doubt loads of you out there that are in a job you hate or simply don’t want because it wasn’t what you had planned for yourself. Again a simple answer to that is quit but life isn’t as simple as that and sometimes you need to stick at something to get the rewards later. My point to all of you is that whatever job you’re in is not the end. It took me almost 3 years after graduating to get this job and it is still not my “forever” job but it is finally a step towards what could be. Do not let pride stop you from exploring new avenues or taking smaller jobs that can help you reach the bigger ones.


We all want a good salary with decent benefits and holidays but some people need to take the scenic route. My brother got into a graduate programme and has been with that company ever since. I didn’t want to do a graduate programme and so I have taken a different road. Remember that you are just travelling a different road, you are not failing by not being on the same wage as that person you went to school with and you are not failing by being happy in a certain level of job and wanting to stay there. Money and status are great but how many people do you know that dread work?

I no longer dread work and feel I am getting what I need now out my job. Don’t give up on yourselves! The job you’re meant to have will turn up, most likely when you least expect it. It’ll be worth the wait I promise!

Thanks guys


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