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Birthday Present Ideas For Girls

Well the birthday season has officially started for me with me now technically not getting a break from birthdays until September. For it then to start up again in October and not stopping until February. How is it out of 12 months I only have 2 months where I don’t have somebody’s first to plan for?


Now I love birthday shopping and love giving someone a present and seeing their face light up as it becomes clear I made the right choice for them. So what are good present ideas for your girl friends?

Candles – I never understood my mum’s love of candles when I was younger but now I totally get it! Candles are great because there is such a wide variety to choose from, fruity smelling, sweet smelling, fresh smelling, trust me you’ll always find one that someone loves. Not only do they smell great but they help make any remember look nicer and if your friend is a reader then they’re great for that bit of atmosphere when reading.

Photo: Yankee Candle

Jewellery – This one can be quite a tough one because everyone has specific tastes, like a prefer silver over gold. For this I would normally suggest earrings because it can give you a wide choice which means you can always find something that suits someone.

Chocolate – I have yet to meet any girl that does not enjoy chocolate. Even my mum who isn’t a massive sweet person enjoys some Lindt chocolate. This is normally best for someone you might not be extremely friendly with yet. Maybe a friend you aren’t sure what to get because they already have everything.

A particular favourite that I always seem to be buying for my friends

Cushions – Now that my friends are beginning to move out this has been something I look at more for their birthdays. Often the best present ideas are things that the person wouldn’t neseecarily buy for themselves.

Perfume – Perfume can be a scary option depending on how you view it. It’s a good one if you know what your friends every day perfume is because personally it always does me a massive favour if someone gets me it because more often that not I am running out! Or you can be a bit adventurous and get something new for them to try.

Photo Frames – I love photo frames! Although I am struggling to find any space for them in my room now. Again these are great for presents especially if your friends have moved out recently and need some decorative things. As well as that they can also be used to make an existing print look even better, I made my Lion King print in my room stand out more in my room by buying a simple white frame.


Gift cards – When all else fails, even though they can sometimes be viewed as impersonal, gift cards can sometimes be the best choice for a birthday present. It allows the individual to use the gift card as they see fit and gives them that bit more choice. I find it difficult to buy clothes, for example, because sizes vary from shop to shop so by getting a voucher it gives my friend the chance to buy whatever they need at the time. Gift cards could always be used for meals out, which sometimes is the best because getting swept away in every day life can mean a meal out would be a real treat. My favourite kind of voucher is one for my kindle because it is insane how many books I can actually by myself thanks to this.

I hope these ideas help any of you out there.

Thanks guys


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