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Motivational Monday

I hope everyone is having a good Monday. At least we’re into the nicer months of the year! I’m sure a lot of you even have holidays to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Now that we are almost halfway through the year I am sure a lot of you have experienced many changes since the start of the year. Some good, some bad and no doubt many that have been unexpected.

Everyone deals with change differently and personally I am not the best with change but I am learning to face change with more positivity.


For a little added motivation for this Monday I urge everyone to believe that change can lead to so many good things. Many of you might be starting a new job today, or recently changed relationship status or moved house. All of these changes are massive and often terrifying but will also lead to good things.

Change can seem daunting at first because you worry about what you have left behind but think of it this way, in that this change is opening you up to more opportunities. That new job could be the start of that career you always dreamed of. The end of a relationship could give you that push to do something completely different that you never had a chance to do before. Moving house could give you the independence you have craved and push you to learn something new.

Don’t get me wrong change is scary because we all like what we know but our lives only got to the way we like through change, often change we can’t control.

Happy Monday everyone!

Thanks guys


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