Book Review – Behind Closed Doors

Another thriller to add to my read list. After it being on my kindle for far too long I finally decided to actually read it and thankfully it turned out to be a very good decision for me.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris starts off at the dinner party of Jack and Grace Angel the couple that everyone envies and quite frankly that couple that everyone knows. Jack is what everyone would view as the perfect husband, charming, handsome and clearly he dotes on his wife every opportunity he gets, while also being the champion for battered wives all around. However after so much time people begin to wonder about how much time the couple spend together, do they have their own lives? Grace seems to never have her own phone and very rarely responds to any plans made with friends. Is there such a thing as a couple spending too much time together? Are the angels really too good to be true?


After going through a period of time where all I seemed to read was thrillers I was worried that I would end of finding this predictable but instead I found parts of this book I genuinely loved and parts that kept me on my toes and anxious to get to the end just to simply find out what happened to all the characters involved.

I am unfortunately going to have to keep pretty vague and not explain too much about the story because one of the biggest surprises happened pretty early on so I wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

I couldn’t stand the main character Grace at the beginning because I felt she was the typical compleltey smitten, head over heels, in love with her supposedly perfect husband type of wife that was happy to give up any sense of independence she ever had.

Through reading more I began to warm towards her, particularly when the relationship she had with her younger sister was introduced. This has to be one of the sweetest relationships, showing what true unconditional love is. Grace desperately wants to create a positive environment for her young sister and protect her from the harsh realities of the world that she will no doubt have to face differently due to her having Downs Syndrome. I love how this is built into throughout the story and eventually not only are certain traits of the relationship explained further in the book but particular aspects of it are used to push the story forward.

I found myself constantly locked into reading it because I wanted to find out what Grace’s next move was going to be. I loved that my original thinking behind why she was the way she was got flipped upside down and pushed to an area I hadn’t previously considered.

I am not always a fan of stories splitting between past and present or something similar because it can sometimes make me desperate to skip through other chapters because I am more invested in one part than the other, however this made the story more thrilling to read. Just when I felt like I was getting into the story in the present it would switch to the past and yet it would be just as interesting. This became even more essential as the story continued because sometimes I needed the past to fully understand some of the stuff in the present.

I loved that I couldn’t work out exactly how the story was going to end, even as I got close to the end I still wasn’t entirely sure what would happen. Just when I thought Grace would manage to gain the life she deserved, something else would throw it up in the air. I loved the progression in character I saw in her particularly near the end when you could see her mind working more deviously in order to survive.

Overall I ended up really enjoying this book. To begin with I wasn’t overly sold because I viewed Grace as this weaker character, who was overly obedient to her husband and revolved her life around him. However as the story progresses you understand her reasons and instead she became one of the strongest characters going. She became the perfect example of the lengths you will go to because of the love you have for someone else.

The story was engaging and frustrating which kept me turning the pages and aching for someone to find out the truth. For anyone that enjoys a good thriller I would recommend this as where the end normally can disappoint I feel the ending could not have been any more suited to all those characters involved.

Rating – 4.5/5

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