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Are We Too Busy?

Does anyone else hear themselves saying I’m too busy for too often these days?

Now I don’t know if people are necessarily more busy nowadays than they were 20 years ago or even 10 years ago but I do know that somehow I am busier now working 9-5 than I was when I had 3 days at uni plus my part time job at Starbucks – keeping in mind that uni didn’t end once I left the building, I had countless nights where I would get back from work and be straight into my next assignment or even more terrifying working on my dissertation.

Yet somehow I feel I have less time now, why is that?

For starters my weekdays are pretty much mapped out straight away. Not only do I work 9 till 5 but it takes 15 minutes each way to get there (which I am actually very thankful for considering some people have to drive at least an hour each way). I have to get ready for work and this varies slightly depending on what day it is. I also need to spend a bit of time each day sorting out lunches and getting my bag ready for work. Basically my only proper days off are Saturday and Sunday – everyone knows that feeling right?


I need to use up free time to see those closest to me because I no longer go to uni with them or work with them so I am no longer guaranteed to see them pretty much every other day. Plus now we all have our own lives which makes seeing each other quite a task considering whenever I’m free they’re busy and vice versa. This normally results in me seeing people straight from work on some days or using a Saturday or Sunday that I never feel fully relaxed on.

With free time also comes hobbies that we all have. I put a lot of pressure on myself to go to the gym in some way at least 3 times a week and then I have my 5k run on a Saturday morning. On top of that there is also my constant want to read my books (I swear I have a never ending tbr list). Through all of this it makes my life seem busy, sometimes too busy to the point where I almost feel completely burned out and stop enjoying even something as simple as reading a book.

Now of course many of these extras are my choice. I don’t need to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, I don’t have to see my niece every week and I don’t need to make sure I meet for coffee or something every other week with various friends. These are all merely obligations I tell myself I have and it is the feeling of obligation that often leads to us feeling too busy. Plus does anyone else notice that because we feel so busy we often rush about everywhere and no doubt miss out on so much?

Seriously we are all in such a rush these days

Some people have more going on than others and many of us are simply guilty of wasting time talking about how much we have to do rather than just getting on and doing it. But what has this told me?

Truthfully we all live busy lives these days, some more than others and some deal with it better than others but I think it is safe to say we rush about far too much. I wouldn’t change my life as far as how busy it is on a regular basis. Yes sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how many people I need to see or how many things I feel I need to get done but in saying that out of my “obligations” I have yet to regret a gym class, a mate date or a single second spent with my niece. Maybe I should learn to manage life better and slow down to enjoy the moment.


A lot of the stress I get from being “too busy” comes from this unrealistic vision of doing it all. Instead I should create some boundaries and give myself a bit of leeway. On holiday I don’t worry about fitness. I keep up to date with friends as much as possible but stop the emphasis being on me, after all friendships work both ways. I make a plan to see my niece once a week but allow for the fact that not only do I have my own life going on but so does my brother and sister-in-law which means just because I’m free doesn’t mean my little side kick is (18 month olds have very busy social lives obviously).

In the end we are busy and being busy is great to help keep our minds focused on other things and off worries or in general for us to make the most out of our short time here. However we have also become a bit too busy as far as not giving ourselves breaks from life and often rushing about too much and missing out on simple pleasures of life. How many of us have missed looking at the beautiful walk we have from one place to the other because we are too busy looking at the time?

Live busy lives or live quiet ones, whatever works for you but if you are busy remember that being busy doesn’t guarantee happiness and sometimes finding a balance is key.

Thanks guys


4 thoughts on “Are We Too Busy?”

  1. Love this, I am so busy right now too I feel like it is never ending! I also work 9-5 Monday-Friday. At the moment I’m reading a book called ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’, reading this post reminded me of it, and I think you would enjoy it if you haven’t read it already! x

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  2. Being busy is a lie we tell ourselves that ruins our inner peace. I really loved this post because you really illustrated that the individual is not the only one that’s busy and more often than not it is through one’s own obligations and wants that a schedule becomes too full.

    You are very right, everyone needs to calm down, slow down and enjoy more. It’s easy to get caught up in the to-do list, especially when you have such big chunks of time taken away with a 9-5 workweek, but life is after all for living. We all could use with taking off our watches, turning off our phones and ignoring some e-mails for a little bit each week. Even if its just to enjoy half an hour with a book and a cup of coffee.

    I think many people could benefit from reading this. It sure has me inspired to claim my time back!

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    1. Glad you liked it😊 I totally agree! I think sometimes people want to say they’re busy because it sounds better. Whenever somebody asks what you’re doing at the weekend you almost feel ridiculous if you answered nothing.

      Yes and often it’s a sense of obligation that tricks us into thinking we’re busy.

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