Hello June

In my eyes June means the beginning of summer so let me start this off by saying that is probably my favourite thing about June!

Of course there is the anxiety over the weather since we now all hope for good weather and are often disappointed when it rains. The amount of times I have made plans for summer involving a beach trip or BBQ that is then washed out by rain is actually too large a number.

So what do I like about June?

As mentioned in my previous posts about April and May, the lighter days really do make such a difference. I love that I can go to work and come home in the daylight and often even get to drive to work with my sunglasses on because it’s sunny. Nothing like trying to pretend you’re on holiday somewhere on your way to work right?


June also means Galaday season where I live. To those of you that don’t know what a Galaday is, the traditional definition is a festival and I guarantee you many of you have seen one or two since they are held all around the world. Well June normally means a Gala day is held in different towns each Saturday where kids get to take part and dress up with their schools. Our ones also involve music that I am sure those of you that live outwit Scotland probably wouldn’t appreciate the same – pretty sure it is an acquired taste.

I used to love the Gala day as a kid because it meant there were shows to go to where you could win prizes and go on rides with friends. As I got older I started to dislike it because naturally you might get a bit bored with the same thing year in and year out but recently I have enjoyed it again because it’s a great time to run into people you maybe haven’t seen since last year. We all walk around a massive park after the procession which is filled with stalls and other shows (normally stunt shows of some description). This is one of the favourite examples of a day we dearly wish good weather for.

June also means Father’s Day so I get an excuse to spend a day with my dad. I have a feeling this year will involve me taking him to lunch at his favourite place where he can now drown himself in a new favourite cocktail he discovered last year.

Photo: Pintrest

I can’t help but still view June as a holiday month because that was normally when our family holiday was but nowadays it can sometimes mean holidays and sometimes not. Last year I was on holiday and this year I won’t be but there is still something I enjoy about hearing other people get excited about their holiday plans.


Overall I love June for the suggestion of summer and the possibilities that can open up like a BBQ or a trip to the beach or drinks outside with friends. The list could go on but if good weather does happen in June then I also love being able to wear my summery clothes.

Thanks guys


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