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Favourite TV Friendships

A bit late to the party but in keeping with the National Best Friend day I thought I’d look at some of my favourite TV best friends.

Goku and Krillin (Dragonball) – Childhood nostalgia is coming back full force but as much as I used to be embarrassed about how much I loved this show, these two will always be the best friends in my eyes. Starting from being rivals to being the best of friends. Any DBZ fan will already know how essential Krillin has been to Goku in getting stronger and pushing to greater limits but it’s the simpler and much sweeter moments that make them the best of friends in my eyes. They can go years without seeing each other and yet it has like no time has passed when they see each other again.


Sherlock and Joan (Elementary) – Now Holmes and Watson have got to be one of the most famous literary double acts going and the reimagining of both these characters in New York has got me loving them all the more. By changing Watson to a woman it was very easy for the writers to fall into the trap of making it a romance rather than a friendship and I am so glad they stuck to the traditional arc. Through this they have created a friendship that in it’s own way makes them family to one another. Sherlock who is known for preferring his own company comes round to the idea of having a partner and genuinely appreciating Watson as a friend.

Kim and Ron (Kim Possible) – Who didn’t love these two? I loved that they had been best friends since they were about 4 and that they clearly genuinely cared for one another. As the series progressed the relationship was kept realistic through the awkward teenage years where there are no doubt mixed feelings, particularly as those around you begin to suspect that you are both more than just friends. Of course in the final season they did become romantically involved but I loved that the two characters still acted the same with one another, they were just boyfriend and girlfriend but still best friends at their core. They are perfect opposites complementing each other’s flaws and strengths making them the ultimate team.


Steve and Danny (Hawaii 5-O) – Not sure what it is about bromances that I love so much but they always seem like the most genuine of all friendships. These two in particular clearly care so much about one another that they are also able to act like an old married couple about 90% of the time. I really love watching them take the mick out of one another because let’s be honest behind all of that there is a very real friendship.

Sheldon and Penny (The Big Bang Theory) – Back in the early days when I absolutely loved this show one of my favourite parts of it was the brother/sister type relationship these two had. I love that she truly cares for him and not only understands his quirks but almost encourages him to stay the way he is. When he is overwhelmed at his own birthday party and hides out in the bathroom Penny doesn’t force him to come out but instead sits with him and allows him to come to his own decision. The Christmas episode from season 2 has still got to be one of the sweetest moments.


Everyone needs a best friend and these are just a few of my favourites. Anyone else have any favourites?

Thanks guys


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