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Motivational Monday

Well everyone here we find ourselves again, another Monday and another new week to try and make the most of it. I hope Mondays around this time of the year are easier for everyone because of the lighter mornings and because of holiday countdowns.

I personally don’t have my “summer holidays” until August and September and even then unlike my usual holiday plans these ones aren’t for one or two weeks but just nice mini breaks. I do however have odd days taken off in July to break up the long summer months a bit so that I don’t have to sit at work and watch everyone go away to the sun without me having anything until August.

I feel it is more appropriate at this time of year to push people to enjoy the moment and realise that no moment will be absolutely perfect. Family holidays tend to stress people out but do not let the idea of a perfect family holiday ruin what a real holiday is. A real holiday is waking up late, and falling out over simple things. But it is also loads of laughter and finding new things out about one another, especially if the kids involved are now teenagers – a holiday lets them be themselves again without fear of judgement.

Photo: Pintrest

I spend most of June praying for sunshine and get myself down when it rains. People sometimes decide that this changes plans and can ruin whatever they were looking forward to but it doesn’t always have to.

This Monday allow yourself to enjoy the moment no matter how imperfect it is. Enjoy the holidays you have even if you have yet to get that “perfect” Instagram worthy photo. Enjoy your work even you’re falling asleep at your desk – at least your desk is comfy enough to sleep at haha!

Happy Monday everyone!


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