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Dad Appreciation

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

I have to say the older I get the more thankful I am for my dad but I also become more aware of how alike we can be. Unfortunaltey that is not always a good thing because it often means neither of us is willing to give up a fight and always want to have the last word!


I’ll be honest I was an awful teenager! I never caused problems for my parents regarding drink, drugs or anything like that, I swear my teenage years were so vanilla. However I was an emotional, hormonal mess for the majority of it (probably still the same now tbh) and now as an adult I really feel for my dad having to put up with me.

When I was younger he was the typical working dad, not really sure he knew how to amuse me or my brother when we were younger so pretty sure he was thankful when we got older because he was able to find more in common with us then. I find this even more true now as I reach my mid 20’s because we make a conscious effort to spend time together (unthinkable at 15).


I feel I often forget how much my dad does for me because I unfairly compare him to my mum who is more capable in dealing with the emotional side of me. The truth is I got very lucky to have the dad I do. Accepting that he’s not the best with emotions and sees things as either black or white makes it easier to realise all the other things he does. Over the past few years there has been a massive push for dad’s to be more emotionally available and open with their kids and from my own experience I don’t think this is always a fair view to have.

Of course you should grow up never questioning if he cares but I never did and my dad was never the cuddly type. He is more now since becoming a granddad but I think that’s just his age and the fact that he has more freedom as the grandparent rather than the one that is responsible for keeping their kid alive! I appreciate my dad more as an adult because despite him not being the emotional type I know he cares through other things he does for me.

I remember when my brother got married and he was thanking my dad in his speech and they have played golf together since my brother was about 5. So he started making a joke about golf and how my dad can always count on my brother to hole a putt from so many feet (pretty self explanatory but I’m sure the golfers out there would appreciate this more) but he ended it by saying that he has always been able to count on my dad for everything.

*Cue tears*

He couldn’t be more right, we have always been able to count on my dad for everything. He helped teach me how to drive and helped me prepare for my job interviews when I was a nervous wreck while also making me breakfast when we both had a day off work. For my brother he took him to countless golf related things and made him rolls really early in the morning when they had a competition. To me I have one parent that can deal with emotions and one that is much more practical and that puts me in a great position.

To all the dad’s out there thanks for just being there. That is honestly all we need. Well done to mine for getting through his daughter’s teenage years without us killing one another because we really are far too similar.

Thanks guys


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