Music Memories

One of the best parts about listening to music is how they often remind of us a specific memory. I previously done a post months ago about certain memories attached to songs so I thought I’d have a bit of fun by doing another one.


Nickelback, This Afternoon – Another song that reminds me of a family holiday to Florida, in particular 2010. Instantly makes me think of sun and really just all things good.

Meatloaf, All Revved Up – Driving with my dad to the golf club he spent far too much time at haha!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Out There – Jumping about my living room at about 5 years old. Imagining climbing about Norte Dame like Quasimodo rather than just jumping from one couch to the other, not sure my mum approved of this to be fair.

Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling – It actually reminds me of going to a Westlife concert with my mum back in about 2010 because they sang it during their medley section and everyone went crazy and jumping about everywhere!

Westlife, Home – Actually there entire album Back Home reminds me of playing Mario Kart Double Dash with my big brother.

Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk – This will always remind me of when I was out for my sister-in-law’s hen night and everyone was up dancing to it.

Baycity Rollers, Shang a Lang – Pretty much every family party! I have yet to be at a party in Scotland that this doesn’t play at but it does specifically remind me of my mum and uncle because they’re always up dancing first.

Rascal Flats, Life is a Highway – Driving about with my best friend in his car. Every single drive in his car turns into a mini road trip because he always gets us lost.

Never realised how random some of these memories were but they make listening to these songs so much better.

Anyone have any strange or wonderful memories that come from certain songs?

Thanks guys


2 thoughts on “Music Memories”

  1. I love how you made a post about this! I always have certain songs that bring me back to really good memories 🙂 Shape of you by Ed Sheeran is definitely one of mine. Anyway, really enjoyed this post, great idea!

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