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Best Disneyworld Memories

Now that it’s summer time I can’t help but think about the most amazing holidays I have had and it is normally about this time in June we would be leaving for two weeks in Florida. So with that in mind what are my favourite Disneyworld memories?

with timon

July 2001 Animal Kingdom – This is a random memory but when we had went in 1999 I got a safari Pluto that I absolutely loved and I vividly remember being back two years later and seeing a safari Mickey that I wanted. Ended up getting it as a birthday present two weeks after we got back but for some reason this always sticks in my head. (side note I still have both my safari Pluto and Mickey, although Pluto has since lost his eyes so looks a bit creepy).

July 2007 Epcot – Wandering round the World Showcase before the fireworks. The funny thing about this is that my mum and dad kept a space near the China bit for us to watch the fireworks but of course we were there early so me and my brother decided to go a walk all the way round it to kill time. Not only when we got back did we find out that my mum had spent the entire time worrying but had also tried to get my dad to use his video camera to zoom in across the water to see if he could see us. This was 2007 we didn’t have the best quality video camera and at this point I was 13 going on 14 and my brother was 18 surely we wouldn’t get lost!

To be honest that isn’t even my favourite part of that memory, my favourite part was actually walking all the way round the showcase. I mean obviously it looks amazing but it’s the first time I remember having a real conversation with my brother. Typical siblings growing up so this was probably the first time we started to have a more adult relationship with each other. We now wander round the World Showcase every time we go to Epcot for the fireworks so something obviously stuck for both of us.

epcot x

June 2010 Magic Kingdom – Our 2010 trip to Florida didn’t get off to the best start with the villa we originally booked not being available with some sort of mix up. This resulted in a stressful arrival and getting moved to a different villa in a completely different location. Safe to say this put us all in a bit of a bad mood because it wasn’t what we were expecting. The next day we spent our first proper night in Magic Kingdom (as is tradition) and I vividly remember walking through the streets of Magic Kingdom and suddenly nothing else mattering because it was just amazing that we were here. My big brother then turned to me and said “Jennifer can you believe we’re here?” Something so simple yet so sweet because to be honest it is how we feel every single time.

July 2010 Blizzard Beach – Anyone that knows me will know that when it comes to Disney I have no off switch and with this comes a need to run through every park to get to the rides quickly. Well this didn’t quite work out when me and Lee were racing to get to Summit Plummet. We made a decision to take the ski lift up because it was something else to do and let’s be honest we all hate the amount of steps that have to get climbed to water slides right? This was all fine until we could see our dad making his way up the stairs faster than we were moving on the ski lift to the top of the slide! He can’t beat us to the slide! This resulted in one our classic sibling moaning sessions about who’s idea it was to get the ski lift. I swear we were probably about 10 people behind my dad so you can imagine how jumpy we were getting.

oh god we're such weirdos

July 2010 Animal Kingdom – Wandering round with Lee and running into King Louis for a surprise photo. Originally we were getting sent for fast passes back in the days when you had to physically put your ticket in the machine to get a fastpass rather than book them online! So we went to Expedition Everest or whatever it was to get them saying we would meet my mum and dad at the Safari. On our way there we ran past King Louis and got a wee surprise photo that the best part about was that it would no doubt annoy my dad he missed out haha!

with baloo and king louis =]

September 2014 Magic Kingdom – Laughing on Space Mountain. This just proves how good a holiday can be for making you realise how much you enjoy your family’s company. We were all on Space Mountain with me at the back of one seat with my brother in front of me and my now sister-in-law in front of him. Well as you start going up a big slope you can see another cart to the left of you and my brother starting shouting “weeeeee” very loudly thinking it was a mirror – it wasn’t. He was acting completely ridiculous and realised too late that all those people to the cart to the left of us had saw everything!

October 2014 Typhoon Lagoon – Well everything can be made into a competition right? So when everyone is going on Crush n Gusher then it can become some form of race – old team vs the young team, with whoever loses getting to pay for lunch. The young team got a free lunch! I loved this because on this trip my big cousin joined us as well and it was great to have me, my big brother and big cousin laughing together like old times when we were younger. The three of us on one raft racing to beat our parents, what could be more fun? Especially when I am convinced that having three people on it made us go so much faster! Also seeing your uncle struggling to get out the raft afterwards and almost toppling into the water is always a funny thing to see.


October 2014 Downtown Disney – We went to the Disney bowling as an attempt to have more of a relaxed day. As silly as this memory is but I loved this day because it was relaxed but still with that Disney magic by being in Downtown Disney. Plus I started off badly with the bowling but I somehow managed to come from behind and win by finishing the game with stroke, stroke, spare and strike. Anyone that knows me knows how competitive I am, especially when it involves my brother and dad, so trust me beating them like that was especially sweet.

Every First and Last Night In Magic Kingdom – Kind of cheating but I honestly can’t differentiate between the different times I have stood in Magic Kingdom on our first and last nights watching the fireworks. The last nights are always bitter sweet but there is so much magic and emotion that I still manage to adore the moment regardless of the sad trip home the next day. Watching them on our first proper night is the best feeling though. It’s all just about to begin and I get this overwhelming feeling of butterflies in my stomach plus goosebumps all over my arms. To give a little bit of a date to this one I know that October 2014 was particularly emotional because they had the Genie talking over the fireworks at one point and well Robin Williams hadn’t long passed making it particularly bitter sweet yet somehow beautiful.


These are by no means even half of the memories I have created over the years visiting my favourite place in the world. These are just Disney specific and the ones that are always at the top of my list.

What are everyone else’s favourite Disneyworld memories?

Thanks guys


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