Hello July

Now we really are into summer aren’t we? This is my official summer month. When I was a kid it meant holiday time whereas now it means watching everyone else that has kids go on holiday.

I tend to have my summer holidays in September now but I still can’t help but have that holiday feel when July hits even when I am at work. Work seems to be that little bit easier in July thanks to the brighter and hopefully warmer weather. Plus the office tends to never be properly full throughout the entire month since at least one person is away each week.

July is also my birthday month and to be honest I have never really enjoyed my birthday since passing the age of 18 but it is nice to have an excuse to go out and do something. Any excuse for cake right?

My 20th bday cake back in 2013 – never too old for Disney!

July is a funny month for me because it always seems to be one of those months I enjoy the first half of but by the time it gets to my birthday at the end of the month I still have this strange feeling from when I was still at school that summer is almost over. Even though I no longer need to think about my summer holidays finishing in the middle of August.

Overall July is still probably one of the better months because simply it is summer and everyone is desperate for summer after the long winter months that seem to last far too long. When I think of July I think BBQ’s, beach trips and all things fun.


July is different in every country so what does everyone else enjoy or dislike about this month?

Thanks guys


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