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Summer Nights

No I don’t want you all to burst into a song and dance, although I now do have a bit of an urge to watch Grease in it’s entirety.

No I’m simply talking about one of my favourite things from every year. Every year I forget how much I actually enjoy them until they come back round because normally by the time summer is done I’m ready to jump into the dark mornings and nights that promise fun and excitement on the lead up to Christmas. Yet every summer as the nights finally reach their peak I am reminded of just how much I love this simple thing in life.

What is so great about summer nights?

I suppose this has a different answer for everyone but I love how they make me feel like I have so much time left in my day. Last week I picked a friend up for a movie night at around 7pm and it was still light outside. If I had done this in winter I would be thinking it must be late maybe we should reschedule. Yes honesty I basically hibernate when winter comes round. Summer makes me feel that it’s never too late in the day to meet friends or do something.

Over the past week alone thanks to not only the nights being naturally lighter, but the weather being amazing I have thoroughly enjoyed my nights by having a chance to do simple things. I travelled up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh with my best friend and was stunned at how beautiful Scotland can actually be! I enjoyed various other walks, simply to the supermarket and back but honestly everything looks so much better!


Sitting out in the garden is also so relaxing and normally leads to be having real conversations with my mum or whoever happens to be out there.

Lying in bed when it’s still bright outside is also surprisingly relaxing. For me it makes me more ready to go to sleep in a weird way. It’s almost as if problems don’t exist when the nights are so lovely and I definitely feel as if I am able to drift off to sleep a lot easier.

What does everyone else love about summer nights??

Thanks guys


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