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Things I’m Loving Right Now (Summer Edition)

Ok we are now into summer so what things am I just loving right now?

Müller corner yoghurt (mainly the vanilla one with chocolate balls) – I started taking yoghurts into work and I really needed to mix up my flavours so I didn’t get bored. I absolutely love these! So simple and yet as sad as it sounds I am always that little bit more excited for my lunch on the days I know I have this too. I mean it’s vanilla and chocolate what more could you want?


Pomegranate – I think I have a slight addiction to pomegranate right now, so much so that I buy them whole and spend a good chunk of my Sunday night cutting them and separating them into little snack size pouches. Aww I just love it, not only do I feel healthier eating it but it gives me a snack at work that I can stretch out most of my afternoon and it’s something I can easily add to yoghurt or my porridge in the morning.

Sun tan lotion – we’ve actually been pretty lucky with the weather so far! Meaning I get to actually put sun tan lotion on before I head out sometimes and I swear I always forget how much I love the smell of it. The smell means summer and holidays and well really just all things good.

My new Disney bag – This has got to be one of my favourite purchases! I couldn’t leave the shop without it and I love the simple clean design. For any Disney fan it’s almost a must, I just absolutely love it! Head to Primark now because they might still be there!


My evening runs – Apart from my usual Saturday morning 5k’s since the good weather has come round I’ve decided to try going out a run at night (normally Mondays). I don’t go as far as 5k mind you because it’s a completely different track I’m on so I’m never really sure how far I’ve been and I can randomly change my mind about direction. I have to say they have got to be one of the most relaxing things right now, I instantly feel so much better and lighter.

Wearing sandals to work – Ok my work is pretty casual anyway as in I could wear jeans any day of the week but one thing I am particularly loving about summer is getting the chance to wear sandals to work. Not sure how but it instantly lifts my mood because I am so relaxed. Plus it completely tricks me into believing that it really is summer and well I live in Scotland so any opportunity to wear my summer clothes is very much wanted.

Pancakes for breakfast – I have actually been very productive with my mornings before work and recently saw a slimming world recipe for pancakes that my cousin used so tried it because I thought it would make me feel less guilty and the good thing is I actually enjoy them!

Not the prettiest looking but that’s because i chucked berry compete and icing sugar on top haha

Anything specifically summer themed that any of you are loving right now?

Thanks guys


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