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Summer Read List

Ok what better way to motivate me to get back into my reading than a good old fashioned list?

Better yet I’ll post it here so that everyone can see it so I can’t back out!


“Summer” books are always a bit tough for me because normally they involve light hearted romance and I’ve never been a massive fan of romance books. They’re normally far too predictable and mushy for me but regardless in an attempt to branch out I have started to read some more lighthearted books as a way to let myself relax after reading a few too many thrillers in a row.

Who knows maybe I’ll enjoy an odd romance story too.

So books that I’m hoping to read over the summer (keeping in mind that I should still be working on my 2018 tbr list) are:

The Godfather – I know let’s start off with something as far away from lighthearted romcom as possible. This is just one of those I wish I’d remembered to put on my list for 2018.

The Snowman – Again another one that really I wish I had just put on my 2018 tbr list. Not exactly what I’d call a summer read but I feel this might be easier to read when a lighter night is involved.

Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe – this is more summer read style. Surprisingly I read a Christmas themed book by the same author and enjoyed it even if it was slightly mushy at points. Might as well give it another go in a different season.

Stockings and Cellulite – Again I managed to find another book that seems like quite an easy yet enjoyable read.

The Foster Child – I’m not good with books that focus on kids and this seems like a bit of a creepy one so maybe the lighter nights will help me get through this one.

I also plan to finally finish my current read of The Summerhouse by the Sea

Let’s see how I manage with this. Hopefully I get a good chunk of these done and dusted!

Thanks guys


3 thoughts on “Summer Read List”

  1. Thanks for some book recommendations!! I am always up for seeing what other people are reading 🙂

    I love reading, I have a heap of recommendations & reviews on my blog if you are after some more recommendations!

    I am sure there is something there that you would enjoy!!
    More book reviews coming soon too 🙂

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