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Am I a Typical Leo?

Let’s continue with the birthday theme this month shall we?I have never been someone that puts much stock in what my star sign means for my life. I think it is a fun thing to look at but I have never been that person that believes in them a great deal where you can almost guess what star sign a person is by their actions.However I do still find myself reading the profile for Leos every so often to see if there are any traits I have that I suppose I am meant to have because of when my birthday is. Honestly there are some traits I would love to have, there are some I have and there are some I am glad I don’t. Seems fair enough but let’s see what a Leo is supposed to be like. leo.jpgLeo:                                                                                                                                                     Date – 23rd July to 22nd August                                                                                                   Element – Fire                                                                                                                                Ruler – Sun                                                                                                                                           Day – Sunday  Work – When it comes to work they are meant to be very busy people with a great deal of ambition which they prefer to make use of in a leadership role with as little noise from those above them as possible. Jobs in the entertainment industry are supposed to be ideal for them because of their creativity or any industry that allows them to place themselves in a leadership roleIs this me? – I wish! Well I wish I had the guts, self belief and ambition to be in a leadership role. I wouldn’t say I am not ambitious but I wouldn’t thrive in a leadership role because I would rather have a good level of responsibility that I have earned through climbing the ladder while also having the ability to leave my work in the office. The entertainment industry would be interesting but I do not have the self confidence to work in it, never mind the fact that I am a major home bird and couldn’t move from place to place for jobs.Money – Leos are meant to be very generous with money, often being able to help friends out of situations. Money tends to come quite easily to them but they are not the best at managing it compared to other zodiac signs.Is this me? – Yes and no. I like to believe that I am a generous person and if I am able to help any family or friends then I will do. I have never had much trouble when it comes to money, I tend to have the amount I need when I need it but I am very good with money (unlike other Leos it seems). I am pretty strict with my spending so I guess that is not a Leo trait. How to Attract them – Leos love extravagant gifts and likes to be treated like a queen. She must be treated well and enjoys being the centre of their partners world while being kept in a luxurious lifestyle. As they enjoy being the centre of their partners life they also like giving their partners the same treatment, however they can be pretty domineering and love having control of their own life.Is this me? – Haha no not really. I am a bit of a control freak and therefore tend to be the planner and be super organised but the last thing I expect or even want is to be considered the centre of somebody’s world. Yes I would like to be treated nicely but I would never cope with being the most important person in my partner’s life, I am far too independent for that and I would probably end up viewing that as a bit clingy after a while. I am not into extravagant gifts at all, I would much rather they just bought me my favourite chocolate than getting me something overly expensive. I mean we could use that money to actually do something instead. sunset-2180346_960_720.jpgFriends – They are incredibly loyal friends often helping whenever they can even if it takes a bit more time than planned. They are rarely alone because they feel better surrounded by people often finding it difficult to find other individuals that can keep up with them.Is this me? – Again yes and no. I like to believe I am a loyal friend that would help others whenever I can. Being around people however isn’t something I feel a need for. I like being around my friends but I am definitely not a centre of attention type of person and often prefer my own company.Family – Family isn’t something Leos think about much, they don’t wake up or go to bed thinking about them. They are often pretty independent and therefore don’t often rely on family the same as other signs. Saying that they are fiercely protective of their loved ones and are very proud of who they are and where they come from no matter what.Is this me? – In a way. I am extremely family orientated so I am definitely very protective of my family and proud of where I come from even when I hear the bad stories. I think about my family quite a lot though, often wondering what my niece is doing or how my auntie I haven’t seen for a while is getting on. I am still independent but I wouldn’t think twice about asking my mum for advice if I needed help. I am proud of where I come from but I’ve got a feeling that’s more to do with the Scottish girl in me than anything else. Overall Personality – Leos love life and are very energetic. They are always looking to improve themselves but this can often lead to them neglecting the needs of others. They are natural born leaders that are never short of friends and able to achieve anything they set their minds to. They have a lot of self confidence but also remain warm and come across as a very “real” person.Is this me? – Not really. I always want to improve myself but I have always been a person that tends to run myself into the ground for other people. I am definitely not a natural born leader, however as I get older I am more confident in my own ability and would take charge more now to achieve goals if the situation called for it. I would like to believe people would see me as a genuine person but by the sounds of Leos I am definitely not on the same level of self confidence as they are. So… Am I like my star sign says I should be?In some parts yes but in others no. I don’t have the same view towards life as far as Leos wanting to be the centre of attention and always in the driving seat. I like to be in control of my life but I am happy to disappear into the background unless it is something I feel more passionate about. I am much more family orientated than it is suggested Leos are but I am fiercely loyal to those I care about and would help them whenever I can. As a partner I wouldn’t want to be treated as a Queen because that just seems a bit too over the top for my quieter nature so as long as I feel nicely treated and appreciated I don’t expect much more. I am better with money than most Leos seem to be because I am so organised. If anything there are certain aspects of the Leo star sign I would love to have. I would love to feel like the natural born leader and have the zest for life that Leos seem to have. I would love to have that level of self confidence as long as I kept my feet on the ground and stayed as genuine as possible.lion-3128291__340.jpgThanks guysxxxx

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