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What Have I Learnt In My 25 Years?

Let’s round up my birthday month with a look back at what I feel I have learnt in my 25 years. Some things more thought provoking than others with a few fun things I have learnt through simply experiencing life.


1. Your school friends might not always be your best friends – That is ok! Friends come and go in life and some stay forever and others are only around for a little bit but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, just be glad they were there when they were. 

2. £1 shots are never a good idea – Seriously don’t do it you’ll end up having around 15 over the space of the night and believe me that never ends well

3. People will not treat you the same way you treat them – Yes by all means treat people with respect but do not fool yourself into thinking that people will be there for you the same way you are for them.

4. A job serving the public will teach you so much about people – Seriously you will see the nicest, most horrible and most ridiculous people ever and it will show you just how petty some people are too. 


5. Your parents are always right – Yes they are, especially your mum. Mine has an eery ability to see through people and I have learnt that if she doesn’t like someone there is a very good reason for it.

6. Forgive when you can because nobody knows how long we have – Don’t allow yourself to be walked over but grudges help nobody in the long run.

7. Everyone is on their own path, including you – It’s easy to compare yourself to those around you and think you might be doing something wrong if you are the only single friend or the only one that still lives at home but everyone is on their own path and with it experiencing their own problems so calm down and keep moving forward. 


8. Always trust your gut – It’s easy to think our gut is just a ridiculous feeling that means nothing but let’s remember that there was a time when humans could only rely on their gut to survive and as evolved as we like to believe we are, that internal feeling that our body gives us is still there for a reason. 

9. Heartbreak is real and it will hit like a ton of breaks – I hate to say but everyone will experience heartbreak in some form in life and all I can say is give yourself the time to manage it and move on.


10. There are two sides to every story – Yes even when you want to believe your friend is in the right, make sure to ask them what they done in the situation as well. It’s easy for informations and moments to be misinterpreted so try and get all the facts first. 

11. You’ll never regret a workout – I know none of us can be bothered with gym or exercise at some times but you will regret missing a work out way before you regret  actually having one.

12. It is important to live in the moment – Everything is temporary so make sure to live in the current moment. Remember during hard times it will be temporary but also remember those great life moments are too so make the most of them when you’re in them. 


13. College and university are overrated – By all means study hard and improve and expand your knowledge but keep an open mind and don’t think that university is the be all and end all because life experience is just as valuable as knowledge. 

14. Always be grateful – It’s easy to be grateful when everything is going well but remember to be grateful when life is hard too because not only does it make the lower moments easier to manage but overall it will make you happier and open your eyes to how much you do have in life even when you feel you have nothing. 

15. Never go out on a night out on an empty stomach – Yes I know getting drunk quicker can be appealing but it is not worth it, line your stomach and enjoy the night.

16. Never be afraid to be different – Normal is boring and when you’re an adult you’ll realise being different is much more interesting. 


17. Never make any real decisions when you are really happy, really angry or really sad – No good comes out of these decisions because they are never true to your genuine feelings. You will say and do things you may regret if you base it on how you’re feeling at that exact moment.

18. You’re not entitled to anything stop acting like you deserve everything – Within reason, every human deserves to be treated with respect and to feel safe, however stop believing that the world owes you something because you are no more special than the next person despite what your mum tells you.


19. Being outside is good for the soul – Honestly be outside as much as you can because there is something so calming about being out in nature because while your problems exist the world around you continues on as normal. 

20. Karma is a real thing – Whatever goes around does come around, not always right away but people always get what they deserve so make sure to put as much good in the world as you can because in the end it will benefit you more than you realise. 

21. Travel as often as you can – Even if it’s only to a different town, see as much of the world as you can because there are so many beautiful places to see. 


22. Taking a step back from your phone will do you the world of good – in a time when we are constantly “connected” make sure to take time to yourself to relax without the constant pull of your phone.

23. It is never too late to start saving – By all means spend your money on good experiences but having a start on savings will help in the long run when you’re looking for houses and all the other adult stuff.

24. Speaking of which always live within your means – In a world that now seems to be in constant debt always try to live within your means. Don’t overspend because you want that new phone or new pair of shoes, save up and get them when you have the money to back it up.


25. Keep your private life private – I know considering I blog about life then I might be a little off, but nowadays too much is shared online and somethings should be kept private away from the nosy onlookers.

I’ve no doubt learnt a lot more in 25 years but these seem to be the things that have stuck with me and seem most relevant at this time in my life. I wonder what I’ll learn in the next 25.

Thanks guys


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