Hello August

How did we get to August already? I swear it was the start of summer like 5 minutes ago.

I was never a fan of august as a kid because that meant summer holidays were going to be over that month so normally as soon as 1st August hit I said summer was over. Thankfully that has changed as I have gotten older since, well work doesn’t really take account of the season so it is no longer summer holidays but just summer – which means I don’t have a countdown looming over me! Yaaaaay 🎉


So what do I like about August? Well it’s normally about this time that my family have their annual BBQ. It used to be aimed for around my bday so they were normally about a week either side. I love this BBQ! It’s an excuse to see people that we no doubt haven’t seen much of since the last BBQ. It’s a mix of family and family friends and I love how they all just merge together and get along, I suppose they have all known each other for years, but I really is a great chance to enjoy good food with great company.


Over the past couple of years August also seems to be the month where almost everyone on my mum’s side of the family get together for a mini reunion. One of my cousin’s moved over to Spain years ago and ever since my Auntie died a couple years back he’s made a point to come back for a visit. Last year it was a dinner, the year before it was a BBQ and this year it’s a much more informal affair at one of my other’s cousin’s houses. Again it’s another great chance to catch up with everyone.


As with all the summer months I just love the impact it has on everyone’s mood. They are normally so much happier and relaxed. Although towards the end of August the nights begin to draw in again I love at the beginning being out later at night and it still being bright and, yes, even sometimes still pleasantly warm.

What does everyone else love about August?

Thanks guys


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