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Motivational Monday

What is strength? Many people have different views on what makes you strong and this Monday I think I’m going to focus more on telling people that even if you think you’re not strong, believe me you are.

Often we don’t get a chance to show our strength until we are put in a situation where it really is our only choice. That can be by taking the plunge and finally going for that job you thought you couldn’t do or asking that person out you’ve fancied for far too long.


Obviously it depends on the circumstances and time in your life because something you worried about as a teenager you are no doubt looking back at as an adult and wondering how you let it bother you so much. Personally I feel it is those out the blue moments that make you feel like the rug has been pulled out from undergo and you now don’t know where you stand that truly tests you.

I have also liked to believe I am a strong individual in that if I was put in any situation I would learn to cope because life has to continue. Pretty sure my grandad used the term “spirited” when I used to act up as a child. I’ve also heard me being referred to as strong willed. Yet in certain moments I feel I am the furthest thing from that as I struggle with feelings and situations, ones which I would normally think I would just get up and get on with.

Life has a way of making us weaker and stronger at different points, I felt more able to deal with things when I was younger but maybe that was because I was in that safety bubble created by my family and that ultimately I wasn’t responsible back then. Now as an adult it’s tougher and we often react to things differently when we are actually in the situation.

This Monday I want everyone to realise their own strength because when it is your only choice you will deal with it. You will live without that person, whether it be a parent, ex partner or best friend. You will get the hang of that new job. You will manage to live alone.

Have a great week everyone


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