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My 25th Birthday Haul

3 weeks later but finally I can show everyone what I got for my birthday. Even at 25 I have been totally spoiled by those closest to me.

Where do I even start??

From my mum and dad I got an amazing box from Lush with two bath bombs and two soap bars. I can’t see the bath bombs lasting very long though, so I’m going to have to try and space them out and only keep them for my essential baths.

I also got two yankee candles and omg the smell of them both is just wonderful. One of them is even named serenity and that could not be more appropriate for me right now as I try to get myself back on an even footing after a manic few weeks.

Look at this print! I didn’t even know I needed this until I saw it but now I can’t wait for my new frame to arrive so I can have it up on my wall next to my Lion King print. Along with this my brother and sister in law got me some amazon vouchers for my kindle and more bath bombs – they look like wee desserts they’re so cute!

My best friend really does know me too well, he gets me stuff I honestly didn’t even know I needed or wanted until I had them (well besides the chocolate he got me). He is a fellow book lover and last year he got me the first hunger games after me saying it had been on my reading list for far too long – thus the Hunger Games boxset this year. So this year he got me “The Host” as that was another book that I have been intrigued about in the past. Isn’t it great having a friend that buys you books all the time?!

When I went for drinks the day before my birthday one of my friends got me a Gin & Tonic scented candle (which is surprisingly nice may I add) and lovely Paul Smith Floral perfume. I don’t know if everyone else is the same but I would never buy someone perfume unless I knew the person I was buying for liked it but I am so glad she bought this because I have never tried it before but it smells amazing.

A week after my birthday I met with my oldest friend and she always overdoes it with presents. She didn’t disappoint

I swear she knows me so well! That Disney throw is one of the comfiest things in the world and it is perfect timing because I was really needing a new one for when summer ends. The photo board is also too adorable but again perfect for my room right now and will be even more perfect for when I eventually move out. It goes so well with the two Disney prints I have up on my wall already and it actually makes my room look so much bigger. Plus I am a sucker for photos – I genuinely think I am the only person that still prints photos out. I also love the little message in the top left that according to her was aimed at my ex, she is too funny sometimes but I think everyone needs a reminder every now and then.


I then got a late birthday present from another good friend when I met her at the gym (I feel the need to stress the gym point due to the fact she got me chocolate haha). As well as more chocolate to enjoy I also have some lovely new bath stuff that, again, is perfect timing because my bath stuff stash is running a bit low. Plus I absolutely adore Soap & Glory, my skin always feels amazing after I use it. Plus does anyone else never seem to buy much bath stuff for themselves because they always seem to be kept it good supply thanks to birthdays and Christmases? Seriously I don’t think I have ever bought myself a bath bomb to this day!

Finally I got another late present from a good friend last week and how cute is this cup? I’ll definitely be taking this to work when the temperature starts to drop. The eyeshadow palette is also lovely with nice more chilled out colours, meaning I could use it for more every day looks.

Since it’s my birthday it means I can buy myself something too right? Helped by the fact that I got an email giving me 20% off at Adidas means I could get my new trainers that I had my eye on for a while.

I feel totally spoiled and so loved by all of those around me. They all clearly know me so well because most of these presents I did’t even know I wanted or needed and yet I am so thankful to have them. My room already looks so much better thanks to some of these presents and as I am writing this some of the chocolate is still standing so well done me!

Thanks guys


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