Month, Real Life

Hello September

Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn.

Is anyone else like me and is normally so ready for the change of season just as it begins to happen? I love summer, I love the lighter nights and the (normally) better weather and I love that it is my birthday season, however I love September because this is when it all begins to go very orange, red and cosy.


I love that we slowly but surely get into the darker nights, especially because September gives us the slightly darker nights but without torturing us with the darker mornings quite yet. September for me means I can start wearing my favourite tan coloured boots again along with checked clothing and comfy jumpers.

September also normally means my mum and dad go away on their annual holiday and the past few years it has been fun because my boyfriend was over to keep me company and sane in the quiet house, however this year will be a little bit different because I am going to be alone. Tbh kind of looking forward to it, it will give me a mini trial run for how life will be for me when I move out.

I’m looking forward to my usual planning that takes place in September because yes I start preparing for the big C this early! Birthdays are non stop after September so I need to get properly organised, so this means I get to start wring down ideas and have a look around for presents without the December panic – love it!

Added bonus for September the past couple of years is that it also comes round without making me panic about the return to university!


Overall September is a good month because life gets back to normal as far as all the schools go back and most people aren’t all on holiday. The colder temperatures come back round meaning I can get back into my comfy clothes and start looking out for the gradual change in the leaves etc.

What does everyone else love about September?

Thanks guys


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