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Motivational Monday

Hi everyone, here we are again!

Mondays can often be the hardest day of the week for everyone. Apparently people can spend about 12 minutes moaning about the fact it is Monday.

With this in mind I thought I would try to motivate us all to accept Mondays aren’t always great but let’s not allow the entire day to be ruined because of it.


I think it’s safe to say we have all been there haven’t we? We have slept through our alarm, or burnt our breakfast or got stuck in traffic and this has caused us to believe that the entire day is a right off. You ever realised that attitude has actually lead to even more bad stuff to happen?

It’s easier said than done but sometimes stepping back and realising that in reality it was only a bad 5 minutes can save the rest of your day because let’s be honest we are all far too guilty of just accepting Monday is going to be a bad day. Next time something happens just say “it’s only a bad 5 minutes and it’s over now” and who knows you might just manage to turn your day around for the best.

Thanks guys


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