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How Did You Meet The People In Your Life?

I’m not sure if anyone else feels like this at times but I think it’s very easy at particular points in life to think about where your life is gong.

Now that loads of people I know are getting engaged, married and moving out etc I sometimes find myself thinking about if I have missed my chance or worry about if I’m ever going to meet that person I’m going to marry one day. This can lead to a pretty massive downer since you start trying to imagine situations you would meet all those essential people in life. Will I meet a lifelong best friend at a gym class, will I meet my future husband at work? Seriously am I missing the important opportunities to meet these people that I do not even know yet?

Then I realised none of those most important people in my life came about through planning to meet them. So how did the most important people in my life (besides my family obv) come into my life?


My best friend – I technically met him at college but we didn’t properly start speaking until he messaged me about a week before we were due to start our final year at university. For our final year we had to travel to a different university and so he messaged to ask if I was up for carpooling. Seriously how random is that?! I can’t believe that the memories I have with him all started with one message. This is a moment I constantly go back to when I need reminded that things happen just when you need them most because I honestly can’t imagine how I would have survived that final year of university without our morning pep talks.

My “gals” – This is not what I would choose to call them but let’s just go with that for now since one of the girls always calls us this. My gals are three other girls I know that I all met from my part time job at Starbucks back in my uni days. To be honest my entire team from that job are like my second family (note: do a post on work family). I am close to my team from Starbucks but I’d say these three have a special place with me because we’re all around the same age and there is some shade history between the others. We seem to be the ones that have stayed in constant contact with more regular catch ups than I have with others I worked with. All of this came from a job that started at 12 hours a week.

My ex – Despite my current situation with him I refuse to leave him out of this list because I feel it’s important to stipulate how random events can cause massive waves in your life. I met my ex at school. He was the year younger than me and we went to the same primary school but I didn’t actually speak to him until we were at high school. I was 15 and me and my best friend at the time were waiting on our school bus to come pick us up to take us home. Now our bus had a habit of being late to come get us, annoyingly whenever the weather was bad, so when this happened we would wait about outside chatting. We went over to speak to two girls we knew from the year below and while we were doing this two boys from their year joined our conversation. From there we would chat randomly on the bus to and from school and eventually there was an unspoken rule that we would all sit together and save each other seats for those times our bus was on time. From that one interaction came 10 years of friendship with nearly 6 and a half of them being a relationship – see a small pebble creates big waves.

My “little brother” – Following on from that long explanation I met my little brother by him being the other boy that started speaking to us all. Ye I met two of the most important people in my life because of my school bus being late. Despite the state of mine and my ex’s relationship at present I still have the best friendship with my adopted little brother. He is a shared best friend between me and my ex and to be honest I wouldn’t change that even now.

I have mentioned those people in my life that up until now have impacted my life the most outside of family members. There are loads of other people in my life but it’s really interesting to look back on how these people came into my life. It makes it easier to imagine how other people might stumble into your life.


Everything happens for a reason and waiting for the big life affirming moments is a waste of time because more often that not it is the smallest least suspecting things that turn into something bigger and more meaningful.

Thanks guys


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