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Why Scheduling Posts Works For Me

Discovering the scheduling option for blog posts at the start of my blogging journey last year was an absolute Godsend for me! I am a major planner and love having everything organised and sorted ahead of time. As in I am already planning Christmas presents in September!

Due to my major focus on organisation and my slight tendency to be obsessive about things which then leads me often to stress out I love being able to have certain posts scheduled and ready to go when I feel I need it.


Scheduling posts allow me to sort out specific ideas for certain times of year e.g. birthday themed posts or Christmas etc way ahead of the time, leaving me only a few quick edits if necessary by the time the post comes out. I used this a lot for my birthday week posts because it meant I could take the time of my birthday week to spend it with friends and family without worrying about my blog as much. For me this made me more able to interact with other bloggers and engage more on the social side.

Plus is anyone else like me and randomly comes up with an idea when you’re sitting at your desk at work or lying in bed when you should be sleeping? A lot of the time once an idea hits me I go with it full force and sometimes once I’ve finished I feel it may be better suited for a different time of year so guess what happens…. it gets scheduled!

Overall for someone that is very organised but advocates for taking time away from technology and time for yourself I think scheduling posts allows you to get the best of both worlds. You get a chance to do more themed posts when the idea strikes even if you are thinking of Christmas in September and therefore enjoy the process more because you’re not as focused on getting content out but actually writing about something you enjoy.

Thanks guys


3 thoughts on “Why Scheduling Posts Works For Me”

  1. Scheduling is the only way I could do this. I’m not an organized person and don’t want to be. Scheduling allows me to write reviews immediately but put the reviews on the dates that are best for the review and the publisher.


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