Real Life

Dear Diary 23rd September 2018

Not done one of these diary entry style posts in a while but I feel I have an important message to any of those that continue to support my little area of the internet. By the way thank you so much to all of you out there that continue to read my posts and interact with me on my social media platforms, you all fill me with so much positivity 😊

With this in mind I recently put a poll out on my instagram to gauge how my audience would feel about me taking on opportunities with businesses or individuals. Specifically for this it is regarding advertising for a business after coming across the opportunity on twitter. Please keep in mind I genuinely use my blog as a way to relax myself and deal with my anxiety whenever it rears it’s ugly head, however as I grow my blog I have always liked the idea of taking on opportunities that may earn me a little extra disposable income or a chance to try new things and experiences. Again I want to specify this is a learning experience for me and I am trying to stay true to myself and what I myself am interested in.

The original opportunity that came up involved advertising for a product that I knew in my gut was not something I would use, so how can I advertise it and expect my audience to my understanding? So instead I looked around at their other products and found one that I know I would use myself.

Honestly I want to try this opportunity for the simple fact that I am trying to learn what works and what doesn’t and hopefully lead myself to get better at not only blogging but dealing with my overall presence on the internet. I would hate my followers to view this as a cheap money grab when I definitely do not intend it to be that way. Keep an eye out and you may see the advertising I am speaking about. Please just remember that I am trying to make a real go of being a blogger and that sometimes involves supporting businesses and individuals if the opportunities come across and work for you.

I believe this opportunity may work for me in this situation and if it doesn’t then it means I won’t make the same mistake again.

Thanks guys


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