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Summer Read List Update

Well guys, summer is over, or at least I have been told Autumn officially starts this year on 23rd September so before I get ready to throw myself into my checked shirts, boots and cosy scarves let’s round up my summer read list.


How did I do with my summer read list?

The Godfather – I know let’s start off with something as far away from lighthearted romcom as possible. This is just one of those I wish I’d remembered to put on my list for 2018.

The Snowman – Again another one that really I wish I had just put on my 2018 tbr list. Not exactly what I’d call a summer read but I feel this might be easier to read when a lighter night is involved.

Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe – this is more summer read style. Surprisingly I read a Christmas themed book by the same author and enjoyed it even if it was slightly mushy at points. Might as well give it another go in a different season. I did quite enjoy this to be honest, I feel it almost came at the perfect time as well. It was nice to imagine a place you could go to where you can just feel yourself be put back together after something horrible happens. You can see my full review here.

Stockings and Cellulite – Again I managed to find another book that seems like quite an easy yet enjoyable read. I wasn’t expecting much from this and unfortunately I didn’t get much either. It was an ok read but for me I found it very hard to stay interested, meaning it took me a lot longer than planned to finish it.

The Foster Child – I’m not good with books that focus on kids and this seems like a bit of a creepy one so maybe the lighter nights will help me get through this one. Well I got stuck into this after my original summer read list went up because I didn’t want to put it off any longer and I really needed the brighter nights! Glad I finally read this and actually annoyed I kept putting it off, don’t get me wrong it was creepy at points and you can get my full thoughts here but it also kept me sucked right in until the end and that’s just what you want out of a book. Yes even if it involves cry children you are convinced are possessed!

I also plan to finally finish my current read of The Summerhouse by the Sea. Yes I did finally finish that one too and equally I am annoyed I spent so long with it. This was a book that at most should have taken a week of my life not a month. I kept leaving it for too long and the story itself was actually quite enjoyable.


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