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What I’m Looking Forward To This Autumn/Winter

Well I was one of those people that felt like January lasted for ages and now suddenly we’re back into the colder months of the year, preparing in one way or another for Christmas and for January to start all over again.

So in keeping with my positive approach to life this year what things am I looking forward to in Autumn and Winter?

Christmas markets – Come on who doesn’t look forward to these? Even as someone that tends to hate when it’s busy and crowded I absolutely adore going to these once the Christmas buzz finally hits. Going to these with family or friends is just a wonderful experience, the rides you can sometimes find and the smells of the food and drink in the air. I’m already counting down the days until I’m back in a Christmas market with my friends buying hot chocolate and waffles.


Family birthdays – Starting with my niece turning 2 at the start of October, I am excited for a little party and loads of cuddles from my sidekick. Then to do something a little bit different I’m taking my mum out for afternoon tea in Edinburgh for her birthday at the start of November. Then taking my dad for lunch for his birthday a couple days before Christmas, I love our dad/ daughter days out together, we always seem to get on so much better one on one, although I am now very aware of my plans revolving around food, I should probably keep an eye on that one. Finally it’s my big brother’s 30th in January and I am really hoping that we go through with the idea of a surprise party, so fingers crossed because that will really brighten up January.

Pumpkin patches – I’ve never actually done this myself but a few of my friends have and honestly I really want to tick it off my list of things to do so hopefully I get this done.


Putting my Christmas tree up – I love this every year but this year I am going to try and enjoy every part of it because if my plans for next year go well then this will be my last Christmas in my parent’s house. Of course things won’t change but might as well make every possible part of this as enjoyable as possible.


Secret Santa night in with the girls – We had a night in with movies and snacks last year just before Christmas and it was so much fun. These simple nights constantly make me thankful for those around me and I feel we all have even more to be excited for this year!

Enchanted Forest – This has been a pretty massive thing in Pitlochry the past couple of years and I’ve never managed to go so I’m hoping to get to see this as well. The pictures I see all look so pretty and I can just imagine it getting my even more into the Christmas mood.

What is everyone else looking forward to for Autumn and Winter?

Thanks guys


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