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Self Care September Round Up

Back in August I decided to attempt Jenny’s self care September challenge and I thought I would use this as a way to keep track of what I have achieved.

So let’s begin…

Day 1 – Positive Affirmation, I am capable and today is going to be a good day.

I love a good positive affirmation these days so this was a perfect start to this for me. It helps that I have engagement celebrations tonight for one of my best friends.

Day 2 – Go outside for at least 10 minutes.

I went out for a long walk with my mum tonight and I absolutely loved it! The nights are starting to get darker and it was so relaxing.

Day 3 – Two things I love about myself.

I love that I am independent and manage to enjoy the company of others but also love my own company too. I love that I always try to be as good a friend as I can, making sure to always be there for those I care about.

Day 4 – Treat yourself to something nice

Does having an amazing chocolate biscuit at work count? I’m going to say yes because I am normally pretty strict with myself since there are always goodies about the office but today I really wanted one and the best part I genuinely enjoyed it.

Day 5 – Meditate for just 5 minutes

So glad this came up, I started meditating at the start of the year as part of a 10 day headspace challenge and loved it. I then got out the habit so I am so glad this was here. For anyone wanting to try out meditation, my thoughts on my 10 day challenge are also here.

Day 6 – Switch off social media for an hour

Ok I switched day 6 and 7 around because I was busy with my best friend after work so I appreciated the break from social media more, especially since by the time I got home I was too tired to even pick up my kindle never mind read it!

Day 7 – Take 30 minutes to sit with a book

This is me every weekend so this was a nice one to do for me. It was great to sit and focus solely on my reading for half an hour without distraction.

Day 8 – Try something new (big or small)

I honestly struggled to actually think of anything for this so I went with trying a different flavour of my favourite yoghurts. Turned out to be a good choice.

Day 9 – Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

My family, my comfy bed, the changing season, my job, it being Sunday because my favourite dinner always happens on a Sunday

Day 10 – Clear our your Facebook friends list

I actually done this not too long ago and it feels good to have it more related to people I am actually interested in.

Day 11 – Eat one of your favourite foods

Does coco pops count even when you’re an adult? I came across these again after years of not eating them and honestly I have rediscovered my love for them! Also there is apparently less sugar in them so bonus right?!

Day 12 – Try Yoga

I have been meaning to try out Yoga so this was a much needed push. I even found a workout to do before bed to help you sleep, bonus!

Day 13 – Do something nice for someone else

I woke up early on my day off to give my mum a lift back home after she dropped her car off for it’s M.O.T. I’m going to work on finding more things to do for other people because I know this isn’t a massive thing to do.

Day 14 – Have an hour’s pamper

A hot bath while reading my book, followed by rematching my 24 boxset with tea and chocolate. My favourite type of pamper time.

Day 15 – Share 10 posts

50 Happy Things

Why I’m Not Having Kids  

Are You Feeling Lost 

Healthy Morning Habits 

To My Former Best Friends

How To Get Over A Breakup

Finding Love In The Digital Age

A Letter To My Future Self

Growing Up

Why I Suck At Being An Adult 

Day 16 – Write down exactly how you’re feeling today

Feeling a bit up and down to be honest. Thankfully it’s the first time I’ve felt down in a while so I’m not too concerned. Usual future worries that I am far too familiar with but choosing to focus more on my more recent positive attitude.

Day 17 – Rewatch your favourite movie

Who thought this would be a good idea? This of course meant I watched Lion King, which funnily enough I try not to watch too often so this was really nice to have a reason to sit down and watch it. I cried far too much though!

Day 18 – Support a charity/small business any way you can

I haven’t yet but I’m looking at a lot of smaller businesses on Etsy for some cute Christmas present ideas so I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on this. Until then I noticed a lot of you liked my Instagram post of my lion king print so please go check out where I got it from, their work is incredible!

Day 19 – Declutter just one thing

I tried my best to declutter my wardrobe and I have to say this was perfect timing because it means I can get all my August/ winter clothes sorted. The amount of clothes I have that I don’t wear is insane so out they go!

Day 20 – Book that appointment/ do that thing you’ve been putting off

Ok I haven’t specifically booked the appointment yet but I have at least enquired about it does that count?

Day 21 – Spend time cooking

I actually managed to make lasagne from scratch. I mean the cheese on top was a little bit, shall we say, crispy but I’d say it was a pretty decent attempt. Also made my cranberry flapjacks for the week ahead.

Day 22 – Watch an interesting/ informative documentary

Annoyingly I didn’t manage to do this because honestly I feel time has just gotten away from me but I have a good few ideas of ones I can look up to watch next month.

Day 23 – Write down 5 things you’re proud of yourself for

  • getting my degree
  • going for therapy at the start of the year (I stopped going a few months back but got so much out of it)
  • making real moves towards me having my own place next year
  • getting under 30 mins for my 5k runs when last year I was nowhere near it
  • starting this blog

Day 24 – Spend 20 minutes doing absolutely nothing

This is something I find surprisingly difficult because I always feel the need to be doing something so this was great to try. I stayed in bed doing nothing for 20 minutes and didn’t feel guilty for it.

Day 25 – Get crafty for 30 minutes

I tried making up some personalised calendars on Snapfish for Christmas presents. I always love making these because I get a chance to try and make each calendar a little bit different each year.

Day 26 – Create a positive quotes/ affirmations Pinterest board

I loved doing this one! I just sat looking through all these amazing quotes and it seriously made me feel so positive myself. Check my board out here if you are interested in any positive vibes

Day 27 – Deep clean one room in your house

I’ll stick to my bedroom since that is where I spend most of my time and I love the feeling after a good clan. Shelves have been polished, bin emptied, bed made, candles lit etc etc.

Day 28 – Slow down – whatever that means to you

I have started watching Criminal Minds from the beginning again so if you need me I’ll be here til maybe December? There are a lot of seasons after all!

Day 29 – Set yourself 2 achievable goals for next month

  • Get half of my blogmas posts complete and scheduled
  • Get myself at the very least in bed and ready to sleep by 11 every night weeknight of October

Day 30 – Reflect on your month

September has been an overall good month. Still had my up and down moments but this is very much just life and I am definitely feeling more content in life. Feeling more positive about moving out next year and feel I can really achieve it. I think I am making more use of my time and luckily I am getting to spend more of that time with those closest to me, already feel I have sorted out so much to look forward to for the rest of the year. There have also been a few opportunities come up for me this month so hopefully I stick to my new “just go for it” attitude and make the most of all of these opportunities. The rest of 2018 is only going to build on the good I got from September.

Thank you to Jenny for putting this up, I think it was such a great idea to give people an opportunity to possibly try new things but also give themselves a chance to stop and enjoy the moment. This has made me rethink some things I do and push me towards possibly new things I never thought I would do. Hope everyone has had a great month and continues to have a great 2018.

Thanks guys


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