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Hello October

Ok I’m allowed to be excited for Christmas now right?

I love October simply because it is officially Autumn with darker nights, colder temperatures and so much to prepare for over the next couple of months.


For the last two years October has become even more special because it’s the month of my niece’s birthday so I look forward to a family get together at the beginning of October. So excited for spending a day with my little best friend. Last year there was a party because it was her 1st birthday but regardless of whatever happens this year I am looking forward to the entire weekend.


I already have some new Autumn clothes so for me October means I can officially start wearing the darker colours and the comfier and cosier clothing. I honestly just love wearing all my cold weather clothes and having cosy nights in with friends and family with movies and snacks. I am officially able to drink hot chocolate without getting strange looks and I can go out for walks where I can see my breath in the cold and hear the crunch of the leaves under my feet – so excited.

I’ve never been overly fussed on Halloween because I’m too old to go out and get sweets and I have never enjoyed scary movies so if anything my Halloween will be spent with sweets I bought while I watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Classic 90’s TV!


An added thing to look forward to this October is I’m getting to see Kevin Bridges this year. Not sure if it’s a Scottish thing or not but you got to support your own don’t you. Excited for something a little bit different and I can see myself laughing all night considering that when I’ve watched the comedy DVDs he has released in the past I have normally been left in stitches. It’s also a nice chance to spend a night out with my big brother, sibling bonding and all that.

The darker nights are great for me lying in bed cuddled up with a book. I also love that since the nights are getting darker it makes you think it’s normally later than it is so you always feel like you have so much time left.

What does everyone else enjoy about October?

Thanks guys


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