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Why Being an Auntie is my Favourite Thing Ever

It’s funny how quickly life can change and how really nothing can ever be completley planned. Much to the annoyance of me considering I am far too organised.

I still think back to New Year of 2016 and laugh at the fact that at that point I had no idea that a mere 10 months and 5 days from then I would be an auntie and my overall view of life would change forever. I understand that no love even comes close to that which a parent has for their child but since I am not a parent, the love I have for my niece is the closest to what I imagine that love is and is also the purest and strongest love I have for anyone.


I will be the first to admit that when I was first told about my niece or nephew on Mother’s Day 2016 I went through a weird array of emotions. I was excited but also pretty scared about what this would mean and how my life would change considering that I am not exactly the bets when it comes to change. I never took account of how much I would genuinely love every bit of my niece once she got here.

I do not share any photos of my niece on my blog related social media simply because my sister-in-law doesn’t share much about her online and so I feel it is only fair I try to do the same. However anyone that knows me will know how obsessed I am with my niece. I never thought I would be so excited watching her grow and learn to walk and talk.

Since it is Amelia’s birthday month I thought this would be the best time to share what I love most about being called her auntie. Only because I searched for very similar posts when I found out I was going to be auntie and it was lovely to hear what everyone loves about it as a way to prepare myself for what was coming.

It gives you practice for your own kids –For me this actually isn’t entirely true because this gave me the dose of reality towards making me think about what I actually want. I don’t want kids, at least not right now, but this gave me the chance to see a more realistic view of what parenting is like so that I can get practice in case I change my mind.

You can be a kid again – This has got to be one of the best parts and it is only going to get better the older Amelia gets. Your niece or nephew doesn’t judge you for the silly voices you make or for you running about a park and going down a slide at 24. You get to relive the simplest of times in your life only this time with a little sidekick to keep you company.

You have someone that looks at you as nothing more than amazing – No matter what you think about yourself your niece or nephew will never look at you as anything other than their amazing auntie or uncle.

You have a new screensaver – My phone wallpaper has not be anything but my niece since before she was born. I also have my niece on my phone case as well. Really whenever I can have a photo of my niece it will be there. Nothing better than having that constant reminder on a bad day.

You end up loving your siblings more – I have always had a good relationship with my brother but only after seeing a mini version of them do you fully appreciate them. Suddenly you want to make sure they are ok and make sure they know you are always there to help. It’s also amazing to see your brother or sister in your niece or nephew, it makes you realise what you love about your sibling.

You get your own mini best friend – Building on the previous points, thanks to the unconditional love both of you have for one another you actually end up gaining a little best friend. You get to enjoy time with them like you used to with your friends in your younger days. You have that little person that you care for more than anyone else in the world and all you want for them is to be happy.

Hugs and kisses – Thankfully my niece is a very cuddly little girl because it means she always wants a hug off me. Honestly there is nothing sweeter than your niece or nephew throwing their arms around you. A particular favourite of mine was at a family party where there were obviously too many people there for her so she stuck to who she felt most comfortable with and I was lucky enough to make the cut. I loved every minute of it haha.

All the fun but you get your own life – My favourite moment of any day is when I see my niece but I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I still get to have my own life, my own plans and a full night’s sleep.

You can go home – As mentioned above you get your own life. This means that when a tantrum takes place or when you are falling asleep after hours of fun you can go home because let’s face it keeping a kid entertained is hard work!

I can buy her what I want – It’s an auntie’s job to spoil their nieces and nephews and where my brother has to be more practical I can splurge on getting my niece really cute Vans or buying her more toys and clothes because I saw them and couldn’t put them back.

I bought these beauties a couple of months before my niece was even born

Watching them grow is hilarious – It breaks my heart watching my niece grow from a baby to a toddler but wow it has lead to some real belly laughs. Hearing her sweet innocent voice just come out with random things is far too funny.

You see a completely new person emerge – Again linking into the above point you actually get to see a whole new person come alive and grow into their own skin. You get to watch as they crawl, walk and then tell you stories. I have watched my niece wriggle on a mat to suddenly taking my hand round a play park. I have watched her make noise to now being able to shout “Gran!” after my mum leaves the room.

You get unconditional love from your favourite little person – This is the best thing ever. Some of the things mentioned before tie into this but wow that feeling is incredible. Not only did I not know I could love someone so tiny so much but it melts my heart when my niece looks at me and smiles or laughs or even gives me a cuddle because while she is still so small it is done because she wants to.

There are loads of different types of aunties and uncles out there. I have loads of them myself and I have a different relationship with all of them to the one I have with my own niece. She is my only niece or nephew and will be one of the only ones I ever have because I only have one brother making her super special to me. I know as she gets older our relationship will change more and I only hope that even the awkward teenage her will still give me that odd hug.

For anyone nervous about getting that title don’t be! It’s a tough job in itself because sometimes when they’re upset so are you and it might even make you question your own life and where you are going but I can honestly say not only is my niece my favourite person in the world, the title of auntie is my favourite thing about me!

Thanks guys


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