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DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris

Ok before I go into this in any real depth I will make it clear that no place is better to me than Disneyworld but I always think it’s an interesting question to ask because depending on your circumstances or even personal preferences you might prefer Disneyland.

Years ago I wouldn’t even entertain the idea that people preferred Disneyland Paris, however that was before I actually visited it myself. At the time of writing this I have visited Disneyworld 5 times in my life and Disneyland Paris 3 times. I will only be comparing these two parks because unfortunately I haven’t managed to get to the other Disneylands yet (one day!)

So why visit Disneyworld?

Where do I even start? Visit Disneyworld if you are not only a Disney lover but a general thrill lover. Of course you have to have an interest in Disney to get the full benefit of it but considering that my favourite ride in Disneyworld is Tower of Terror with no real pull to Disney (for me anyway) then it shows the quality of the rides are not dependant on their Disney background and are able to stand alone as amazing rides alone.

With it being located in America everything is naturally bigger and better. The detail to the parks is incredible and each park has a clear cut design just for them. My favourite being Hollywood Studios because of the old fashioned 1920’s feel the buildings have. Even one of the shops inside has a distinct 20’s feel.

The weather cannot be ignored as a good reason behind choosing Disneyworld because the weather really can make a difference. Of course the heat can sometimes be too much for walking about it cannot be denied that being able to walk about in nice summery clothes can really make you feel so much better. Plus even the thunderstorms are famous for appearing for only a few minutes, completely drenching the place and then disappearing as if they never happened.

I think there is also something in the fact it is in America, making it seem more of an exotic holiday.


Why visit Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is an amazing place to be. The Magic Kingdom park is almost identical to that in Disneyworld except a few ride changes. In fact I prefer the Thunder Mountain ride in Disneyland Paris because it lasts longer and feels like it has more twists and turns.

Disneyland Paris is a lot closer for people in the UK so that’s a positive for a lot of people out there. Obviously if you live in America that’s not the case but it’s a major positive for me! That makes it even more manageable for parents with young children because it means there’s no need for a 9 hour flight.

With that comes the fact that it would be cheaper to go, or you could just splurge more on this holiday and go to the most expensive hotel in France, instead of a middle range one in Florida. It is also cheaper due to there only being 2 parks that you need a ticket for.

Ultimately Disneyland Paris allows individuals to have a taste of what a Disney park can offer. This allows someone to enjoy the buzz of the parks without taking as much time out to experience them all, while also possibly having a more relaxed holiday if that is possible, considering that 2 parks only need to be covered rather than 6 in Florida plus all the other amusement parks that are located over there.


Which one is my favourite?

Disneyworld will always be my favourite place in the world never mind favourite Disney park. This might be due to it being the first Disney park I ever went to and so it always reminds me of my childhood but regardless DisneyWorld is my own personal favourite.

with meeko

Which one would I recommend most?

I would actually recommend both depending on which one suits your own situation best. DisneyWorld can be very expensive, especially if you like in the U.K like me. To get there you will have to pay for flights and accommodation and possibly a rental car as well if you are staying in a villa rather than a Disney hotel.

Tickets for the parks can be very expensive too depending on what your plans are. For example when we go to Florida we don’t just do Disney, we do Universal and SeaWorld as well so if you add all of that up tickets take a fair bit of money. This is all before you even step into one of the parks.

In cases of families with young children I would recommend Disneyland Paris because it is more manageable in price and also in travel time. Not sure a 8/9 hour flight is the best thing for 4 year old children. Disneyland Paris also has plenty of rides specifically designed for children meaning that you should have no problem keeping them entertained.

Personally I have been to Disneyland Paris 3 times and one of those times involved staying at one of their hotels for a few days. I can say due to this experience that it would be fun for a group of friends to go because it allows you the freedom to go to the parks or venture over to the boulevard where there are shops and bars. The hotel also works well for families because they don’t have far to travel after a long day in the park.

DisneyWorld is what you would expect it to be, as in bigger and better. America are well known for doing things on grander scales and so you will be guaranteed impressive shows and firework displays. There is also a bigger variety of parks and guaranteed good weather for the most part.

Overall I would view Disneyland Paris as a perfect starting block for young children and young families because it is in many cases closer to home and more manageable. The travel isn’t as long and everything needed is nearby. I would also say it is better for groups of friends for a Disney fix because again it is more manageable.

However if anyone was to ask me I would still say everyone and anyone should go to DisneyWorld at least once! The magical feeling I experience each time I walk into a park can’t be explained only felt. The better weather makes a big difference to everyone’s mood and although it is obviously busy I can’t help but feel at home there. The employees in both parks are pleasant, however in my case I feel those in DisneyWorld suit me better because their personalities seem that little bit bigger (honestly all employees I have came across have been pleasant, this is just my own experience).

In the end I would choose DisneyWorld over anywhere else but Disneyland Paris is a great place too. DisneyWorld costs a lot but in my eyes it’s worth it. I can’t wait for day that my niece sees the castle for the first time and it has almost been silently agreed by our family that the first castle she sees has to be the one in DisneyWorld. Why? Because that’s the main one we know. My childhood is DisneyWorld and I am sure there are many people out there that are the same.

As long as a Disney park is visited everyone wins.

What is everyone else’s favourite park to visit? Anyone tried Shanghai or California etc? These are on my wish list for one day.

Thanks guys


3 thoughts on “DisneyWorld vs Disneyland Paris”

  1. My family loves going to Disney as well so it’s also nice to see blogs dedicated to it. We’ve been to the one in Paris, in Japan and in Hong Kong, but we loved the ones in California the most, so far. We have not been to Florida and someday we hope to do all the 6 parks that you mentioned. Gosh 6! How many days would you recommend?


    1. Aww I am desperate to see the ones in Japan and California! For Florida I would say 2 weeks would be a good amount of time. Depends if you just want to see the Disney parks or go to universal and stuff too but I think 2 weeks gives you enough time to enjoy the parks at your own pace 😊 but I would definitely recommend going!

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