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Motivational Monday

Another week, another Monday.

I thought I’d have a bit of fun for myself this time and focus on one of my overall favourite quotes ever!

Of course it would come from the Lion King but I love this quote because it was one I never fully understood as a child.

I think we all find ourselves scared to make changes because of past experiences and more often than not we do exactly what Simba tries to do and avoid the problem altogether, rather than learn from it for the next time.

As we are coming closer to the end of the year I feel it is necessary to reflect more on the year and try my best to learn from it. If anyone out there is worried about decisions they feel have to be made or feel trapped by their past try to remember how far you no doubt have all come.

The past can suck and nobody out there will have made it to now without getting hurt along the way but we are all still here. If the same person has continued to disappoint you or the same bad thought keeps creeping into your mind use this as motivation to finally change it for the better.

Have a great week guys


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