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Motivational Monday

Anyone needing some motivation now that these pesky Monday mornings are getting dark along with the added pressure creeping up on us all as we try to prepare for Christmas (sorry to remind you it’s only 43 days away!) I know I am needing that extra push in the morning now to get myself up and moving.


I feel this is actually the perfect quote to pay attention to when it gets to this time of year. The mornings are darker and days feel shorter and now we are nearing the end of the year. I always feel a little less motivated to do anything, even if it involves fun plans to meet friends etc. So I am going to focus on this way of thinking as we go into winter because you really can make the most out of your time.

I also think everyone is guilty of reminiscing at this time of year and if you’re like me and your mood is affected by the weather then I think it’s important to remember that everyone else also feels the same about their own life. We all feel we are not achieving enough or “living” enough but all it takes is a little effort. Some of my best memories are the spontaneous ones so this winter be spontaneous.

Also it is very easy to think back rather than forward as we reach this team in the year because I think we all have a bit of a panic when we realise it cannot be the run up to Christmas again already, where did this year go?! Also as I get older I find myself struggling to relate 2019, making something like 2005 14 years ago rather than only 5 so I think we all need to focus on the quality of the year and not how many have suddenly passed us by.

Give yourself a break and live life for you. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been here just make sure to make this next one count.  2019 is just around the corner but there’s still plenty of living to do in 2018 before it ends.

Thanks guys


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