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How Do I Relax?

Everyone needs some time to relax and I am slowly getting better at doing this. Of course it is hard to properly relax in a world where everyone is constantly connected and always seems to be in a rush.

Here are some ways I relax

Jigsaws – This is something I started doing more regularly at the start of last year when I was suffering pretty badly from anxiety. Doing bigger jigsaws with at least 1000 pieces allowed me to focus on something so that my mind wouldn’t wander and result in overthinking. Keeping in line with my blog name I had to make my jigsaw choices Disney themed and this helped relax me more. I already have my next one picked out which you can see here.

Jigsaws help keep your mind busy with a goal and there is always a nice sense of accomplishment when you put that final piece in, or even if you finally manage to finish a difficult section. One of the first Disney themed jigsaws I did I struggled with the less specific parts and I can’t tell you how happy I was when I managed to finish a difficult section of that.

My second jigsaw was a bit easier!

Reading – I have said countless times how much I love reading with odd reviews for books I have really enjoyed appearing on here. I will always say reading is probably the best thing for me to do when I need to relax because I can lose myself in another world and forget about anything bothering me. Not only does reading help me relax but I also get such enjoyment out of following the story and trying to understand the characters. Plus there is the added bonus of hopefully adding to my overall intelligence by constantly reading. You can see my current reading list on my Goodreads page (which I recommend any readers to have).

Colouring Books – I’ll be honest I haven’t done this for a while but I went through a time a couple of years ago where this was my go to activity when I was stressed out. This really helped calm me down and colouring in was something I always enjoyed when I was younger. The best part about adult colouring books is there is actually a very good selection. If you’re anything like me you’ll choose something childish, of course I bought a Disney themed one again.

My friend also bought me a Pokemon themed one which was a nice little throwback to my childhood. Seriously though there are loads to choose from so you always have a good chance to have another one as a back up if you finish your first one earlier than expected.

Blogging – I’m sure a lot of you out there will feel the same and although blogging can sometimes be hard work, especially at the start when you are trying to get yourself know, I have to say it is actually a great thing for relaxing. You are either spilling your thoughts out on a page which works great for clearing your mind or you are engaging with others and getting to read their views and feelings on different topics. I love finding people in similar situations to myself and that alone helps to relax me because suddenly the pressures I feel I am not alone in. Just remember to keep it fun for yourself and write about things you love and enjoy.


Drinking Tea – It really is about the simple things in life isn’t it? It might be more to do with giving yourself a particular bit of time in a day to sit quietly without rushing about but that always seems to involve a cup of tea for me. Since starting my new job I have also gotten into the habit of having a cup of green tea (to stop me downing english breakfast tea) with the TV on as a way to relax before work. There is no problem in life a cup of tea can’t solve.

I’m sure there are other ways I relax but these are my go to options because these can work even when I feel I don’t have enough time. Having a cup of tea can take 5 minutes or if I have the time I could be reading a book for hours.

How do you all relax?

Thanks guys


5 thoughts on “How Do I Relax?”

  1. Really good and informative post, I haven’t done a jigsaw in years I’d love to do one again! I like going to a cafe and having a hot chocolate and just chilling – great for relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚


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