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Blogmas Day 2: My Christmas List

My favourite time of the year is here!

What is on my Christmas 2018 List?

Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Switch Game – I got my Nintendo Switch a year ago and have been awful at “welcoming” it into my life. With this in a mind a new game or two might help with this and I love the characters from Legend of Zelda, so this is as good a game as any.

6kg and 8kg Kettlebell – To be honest I think this is more a possible “to buy” for myself. One of my goals for this year was to start using heavier kettles and in the class I alternate between both these weights and having them at home I think would really help with completing a full class with 8kg.

Everyday watch – I really miss wearing a watch. My Disney one from Florida has stopped working and I can’t get it fixed so a cheaper every day, possibly silver bracelet style one would be nice.

Clothes – This is quite vague but rest assured I am more specific on the list to my parents! I am really wanting a new pair of black boots. I am loving knee high right now and despite my parents thinking I have more than enough boots I just have a major weakness for them.

New running trainers – My poor running trainers have been dying a death for a while now so I think a fancy new pair of trainers would help with my motivation in the New Year too.

New bedding – I’m such an exciting person right? I really fancy a revamp of my room with colours and I feel bedding is a good start and it will be nice to have new stuff that I will hopefully be taking to my own place in 2019!

Amazon vouchers – I love getting these vouchers, it normally results in me adding far too many books to my kindle and since I have already looked at my TBR list for next year these vouchers would help a lot.

Eat Well For Less Cookbook – I need this in preparation for my plans to move out next year.

Chocolate – well it’s not Christmas otherwise is it? Every year I get a massive tin of Quality street and I would be so gutted if that stopped.

Does anyone else find Christmas lists so difficult as you get older? My parents are amazing but so much of what I want I buy at the time and then it just feels like I’m asking for random practical things.

Thanks guys


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