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Blogmas Day 4: Blogmas Ideas

In my attempts to do Blogmas this year I have decided to kill two birds with one stone. Everyone else seems to need a few ideas themselves and so I am doing this as one of my earlier blogmas posts while also using it to fill in one my own days too. It’s a win/win situation because believe me I have ideas for it I’m just not sure I could articulate all these ideas effectively in my own posts so instead I will give others the ideas to create the Christmas magic.


1. Your Own Christmas List

2. Letter To Santa

3. Favourite Christmas Movies

4. Favourite Christmas Songs

5. Christmas Traditions

6. Christmas Saving Tips

7. Your Favourite Christmas Memory

8. Festive Favourite Recipe

9. Christmas Day Haul

10. Your Christmas Tree and Decorations Run Through

11. Grateful List

12. Christmas Markets In Your Area

13. Recap Of Your Year

14. Christmas Gift Guide

15. Roundup Of Your Own Christmas Plans

16. Your Christmas/Winter Time Favourites

17. Your Top Christmas Gifts

18. Write Your Own Blogmas Ideas (like this!)

19. DIY Christmas Decorations

20. Your Favourite Blogmas Posts

21. Your Perfect Christmas Night In

22. Your Perfect Christmas Night Out

23. Your Christmas Shopping Update

24. Christmas Plans For Couples

25. Christmas Plans For Families

26. Why You Love Christmas

27. Your Stocking Must Haves

28. Your Biggest Achievements This Year

29. Your Biggest Lessons This Year

30. Your Favourite “Christmas” Foods

31. Elf On The Shelf Ideas

32. Favourite Christmas Books

33. Christmas Day/Boxing Day Outfits

34. Christmas Present Wrapping Tips

35. Christmas Cocktail Recipes

36. Christmas Make Up Looks

37. Christmas Nails

38. Gingerbread House Construction

39. Best Christmas Scented Candles

40. Secret Santa Present Ideas

41. Your Worst Christmas Jumper

42. Find A Christmas Tag

43. Christmas Eve Preparations

44. Christmas In 10 Years Time

45. Hold A Christmas Giveaway

46. Favourite Christmas Adverts (Past & Present)

47. When Is It Officially Christmas For You

48. Christmas Quotes

49. Gift Guide From Small Businesses

50. Your Blogmas Experience

I am sure so many of these ideas are obvious but I hope it helps for anyone struggling to get through Blogmas.

Thanks guys


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