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Blogmas Day 5: What Makes It Christmas?

Everyone no doubt has their own checklist of what officially makes it Christmas time for them. Whether it’s seeing a certain movie, putting the tree up or visiting the Christmas markets.

Sometimes it can be big things and sometimes it can be the smallest little detail and what is so great about this question is that everyone has a different answer. Yes there will be similarities but it’s so interesting to hear the smaller things that only matter to that person or that family or that town.

So what makes it Christmas for me?

Well it starts off pretty early for me and I’m sure I’m not alone in this but as soon as I’m a Celebrity starts back I know that we’ve started our countdown. Since this normally wraps up around the second week of December it’s great because you still have so much of the build up to Christmas to enjoy afterwards. Not sure what it is but there is just something about watching 12 celebrities struggle for 3 weeks in the jungle that make so many of us think “well time to get our Christmas tree up”

There are also the classic TV adverts and this one is great because I’m sure there are ones going on in America that I have no clue about for example. In my neck of the woods it’s not Christmas without first seeing the Coca Cola advert – does anyone else find themselves singing “the holidays are coming” as you hear that first beat? There has also been a new tradition of the John Lewis adverts that come out every year genuinely with the sole purpose of making us cry. Finally, for me at least, the Irn Bru advert. Now this is totally Scottish, especially after the revamp it had this year including some Scottish landmarks but I love this one! It’s so stupid it’s funny and well it is all about our favourite drink what’s not to love?!

A more personal one for me is hearing a certain song. Only I can’t cheat and put it on myself, I have to just wait for it to randomly play on the radio at some point. Only after hearing it on the radio can I listen to it freely. Tough rules to live by I know but there’s something about limiting the amount I hear this song every year that makes it all the more amazing when I do hear it. And that song is… I wish it could be Christmas every day by Wizzard. As soon as that opening hits I’m away. Absolutely love it!

A final small one for me is the 1st of December which means I get to watch my favourite childhood Christmas movie – Flintstones Christmas Carol. As soon as the opening starts to play I just know it’s Christmas and I am also constantly shocked at that being another year past since the last time I watched it.

I love those simple things because they can just come out of nowhere and remind you of the amazing time of year.

A bigger thing that make it officially Christmas is of course the markets opening up. I love my first visit of the year to Winter Wonderland in Edinburgh. Waffles, hot chocolate, pretty lights, the list goes on and on with what there is to love there.

What makes it officially Christmas time for you? I no doubt have forgotten so many little things!

Thanks guys


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