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Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Saving Tips

I love Christmas and everything related to it but I do get a little bit stressed when I consider the money I am going to spend. It can be pretty overwhelming because of course there aren’t just presents to buy but there are nights out, family events, the list goes on and on, so it is very easy to find yourself spending so much more than you thought you were.

So with this in mind I have a few tips for saving money at the happiest time of year.


Make A List Of Who You’re Buying For – With this list you have to be pretty strict because it is far too easy to end up buying others presents out of obligation. Write down the obvious family first and work your way out. Ask yourself things like; when was the last time you saw them, do they have kids, if so would it be better only buying for the kids? I now no longer buy for my brother or sister-in-law and just get my niece presents.

Set A Budget For Each Person – I know this sounds a bit harsh but there is nothing wrong with putting a budget on each person you buy for. Not only will this allow you to see how much you’re going to spend on Christmas presents but it will allow you to plan accordingly for buying other things too like food or drink as you’ll know specifically how much is going to just presents.

List Some Presents Ideas For Each Individual – I do this any time a present ideas strikes me. This also helps keeps track of what you have already bought or need to buy. You could have listed 5 different things for a person and this in no way means you need to buy all 5 things but it gives you a lot of options and can help you look out for specific deals or discounts. For example I know every year I am going to get my dad a personalised desk calendar so I make sure it’s ready to order for say end of October and just wait for the site to send a discount for calendars because they always send discounts out the closer to Christmas, this is good because I was buying it anyway so it really is saving me money.

Secret Santas – Do you have a lot of friends in different areas? Work colleagues, school friends, best friends that you are still in contact with? Get together and decide on a Secret Santa so that instead of buying for a lot of people in one group you are only buying one with the added excitement of not knowing who has you as well. This way you can all decide on a budget for the Secret Santa and therefore don’t have the added pressure of not spending enough etc.

Start Early – Even if you end up spending quite a lot, sometimes having the payments spaced out can help make you feel more in control and less panicked because it is not all one massive bill. Starting early can allow you to split bills between October, November, December and even January. By starting early this can also mean that a particular thing you’re after is discounted when you’re in the shop and you can get it then and there rather than waiting closer to the time.

Leave Things In Your Basket – Not always the best idea and it doesn’t always work but sometimes if you find the stuff you want online and put it in your basket and leave it there you might just get an email from the business reminding you that you have stuff in your basket and in some cases they may offer you a discount to ensure you go through with the purchase.


A lot of these are obvious but sometimes it is the obvious things that work. Even if I don’t save a lot of money I still feel these tips help in keeping me organised and more relaxed during such a busy time of year.

Anyone else have any more saving tips?

Thanks guys



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