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Blogmas Day 8: Top Christmas Movies

Now that it’s December I feel it is appropriate to talk about my favourite Christmas movies!

The great thing about lists like this is everyone’s will be different, often with movies mentioned some people haven’t even watched. Now there are loads of Christmas themed movies out there so I’m going to keep this list short with just my top 5.


Elf – To be fair this movie is one that I maybe only watch once or twice on the lead up to Christmas but there is something so sweet and endearing about it. As you get older it’s easy to forget about the simple things about Christmas that can make it so much fun and it’s easy to forget that Christmas is that time of year where acting like a kid is acceptable. Watching Buddy get so excited as he walks through New York and try to make his dad’s family Christmas so magical is so sweet and heartwarming. Surely if we all acted like Buddy more often we would all be a lot happier, and we should definitely all act like him at Christmas.

Robin and the Seven Hoods – Ok this is a bit of a weird one but I going to go with the same theory that makes Die Hard a Christmas movie and say this at least ends with the main characters dressed up as Santa on the streets of Chicago. This is a relatively new one on my list of movies to watch because it’s only been in the last few years I’ve ended up watching this on Christmas Eve. It’s a favourite of my dad’s and brother’s and we always seem to watch it on Christmas Eve before we put our stockings and stuff up. It’s a Rat Pack version of Robin Hood and to be honest it’s probably one of the weirdest movies I like. It wouldn’t be something I normally thought I would like but somehow Dean Martin and Bing Crosby just make me laugh and what more do you want so close to Christmas?!

Home Alone – Everyone knows this movie and I love it simply because as a kid it was fun to imagine what it would be like if you really were home alone. The ending is sweet with Kevin realising how much he actually does love his family which I think every single one of us as a kid never thought about before. We have all said things we don’t mean when angry and yet when he feel truly alone he wants nothing but his family back. The only problem I have now when watching this is when the robbers get hit by basically everything, suddenly stepping on a nail or getting hit by a paint tin or getting hit on the face with an iron isn’t as funny as it once was but it’s still a great movie to watch.

The Santa Clause – This would be the movie that if I was asked I would probably say this is my favourite because it is more well known and requires less explanation to anyone that asks. I love this movie just because of the message, it allows children to truly believe in Santa. Even better as an adult you see the reality of being an adult at Christmas through Scott because it is not always as fun as it once was but you also get to see him find the joy in Christmas again thanks to his son. I find myself getting annoyed at the adults in the movie for not believing in Santa (I mean how dare they) yet a lot of us are just like them, forgetting to have the fun we once did. Of course life changes as you get older but watching Charlie truly believe in his dad and see all the fun work arounds for all the questions people have about Santa is just the fun you need.

A Flintstones Christmas Carol – Now I will actually link this one because I have such a soft spot for it and I think everyone should see it at least once. We all know the story of A Christmas Carol and this is simply that good old story with a Flintstones twist. Bedrock have a showing of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and all your favourite characters are taking on the famous character roles with Fred filling the shoes of Scrooge and Barney standing by him as the ever faithful Bob Cragit. Just like his character, Fred goes through his only journey of realising what Christmas is really about. Now this will not be everyone’s cup of tea as some will no doubt prefer the Muppets or even Disney’s take on a Christmas Carol but this is one I have been watching pretty much my entire life and it is always the first movie I watch as of the 1st December. I love the original story and I have always loved the Flintstones so for me this is the perfect combination, obviously ignoring the fact that if they are really from the stone age they have no idea about Charles Dickens, Scrooge or even Christmas itself.

Now of course there will be movies that people should be demanding should be on this list and I completely see why. I know friends that can’t accept Christmas without Die Hard (I am a fan of this by the way) and I know for one my dad would demand It’s a Wonderful Life be on it and of course I always think of George Bailey running down his street screaming if I was asked of a major Christmas scene but that’s what’s great about a personal list. I love Die Hard and I know just how massive a movie like It’s a Wonderful Life is but I honestly have only seen the entire movie once and so I don’t feel I can fairly talk about it being a major contestant on my list if I haven’t watched it almost every year.

Along with this there is also one movie that I always watch at Christmas that due to it being set at Thanksgiving I didn’t put on this list but again I would always add this to my list too because arguably you could have it for Christmas too. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, following two men trying to get home for the holidays. It’s fun, funny and ultimately very heartwarming.

Thanks guys


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