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Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Tree Construction

Woo finally the day has come for me to put all the Christmas decorations up. I have a feeling this will be my last Christmas at home before I am fully in charge of my own decorations in my own place so I had to make full use of it (thus the lack of photos) because I was having far too much fun. 

Luckily this year was more organised after we specifically put all decorations in boxes last year. 

So living room: we have our card holders up and already have 3 Christmas cards to put in it so that’s a good start right? We have a little snowman sitting on our fireplace as well as even more candles dotted about the place. My two favourite living room decorations are the smaller Christmas tree that we have had for absolute years. It actually stopped working a few years back so we just improvised and put spare lights and beads on it. Plus now lovely is the wee wooden plaque that we have put on it? Given to my mum and dad by my brother and sister-in-law it is a constant reminder of something I am forever thankful for – my beautiful niece. Finally there is the cutest little jar filled with fairy lights that are these beautiful pastel colours, that I love simply because the colours are so different to what you are used to getting at this time of year.

Now for the Christmas tree! I am one of those people that can never put too many decorations on the tree. I have some favourites though. My Stitch decoration that will definitely be coming with me when I move out for next year. Got this in Florida back in 2014 and seriously how cute is it? I’ve tried to sneak it to the top of the tree or as far to the top as I can manage because it is surprisingly heavy. 

Of course we need to have chocolates on the tree so this year it’s a mix of plain Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk mixed with Oreo. There may have already been a couple that didn’t actually make it onto the tree. 

Really I am just so excited the tree is up because seeing this when I walk downstairs every mornings makes getting ready for work so much easier. It’s also just as nice to see it when I get home. To be honest it makes me happy to walk past it whenever and be reminded of the wonderful time of year it is when it’s all lit up.

Thanks guys


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