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Blogmas Day 10: Motivational Monday

Anyone else feel Mondays are actually easier once December hits because let’s be honest Christmas makes December one of the strangest months out there because days don’t feel like normal days. People have loads of plans on the lead up to the big day and especially now that I am out of customer service work has actually calmed down.

Speaking of Christmas do you know that people in the UK apparently spend around £821.25 on it? That includes things like food, drink, decorations and of course presents. How insane is that? Like I love Christmas as much as the next person but surely that is a bit too much.

I’m sure we all feel the pressure of getting good presents for those we care about and making sure we’re available for all the plans that come with this time of year. Well this Monday I want to try and motivate us all to take a step back and realise that the money spent isn’t important.

It’s easy to fall into the trap but more often that not it can lead to us not enjoying the season the way we should because we are worrying too much about money.



Please remember everyone it is the people you spend this time with that matters most. If these people are important to you there is a reason for that and this means that they won’t care how much you spent on them, or the food or whatever else. They want to spend the best time of the year with you – so enjoy it.

Spend some money on some popcorn and watch Christmas movies with your best friends. Make your mum or dad a present (yes even as an adult) and spend more time sitting with them around the tree chatting about the most random fun things. Go through to the Christmas markets with the person you love and just enjoy the views without feeling you have to spend money on something you don’t need.

Have a great week guys!


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