Blogmas Day 14: Top Christmas Songs

Less than 2 weeks to go! Where has the time disappeared to?!

With this in mind I thought I would list my favourite Christmas songs considering that even my gym class next week is supposed to include Christmas songs.

bokeh-3003676_1920So let’s begin

Last Christmas by Wham – This is a new addition to my list only over the past couple of years because I must be getting soft as I get older since this is my mum’s favourite so it always makes me think of her.

Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon – This one really fits in with my favourite type of songs. I am always the person that enjoys listening to the really sad songs and this one reminds me of this style for some reason. It is one of those songs that at certain points of it I feel goosebumps but I always feel the need to just sway around in time with it.

Baby Please Come Home by Michael Buble – This is a fun one because I’ve only heard it over the past couple years which makes it a bit more interesting than the usual ones that I’ve heard every single year since I was born. I love that’s upbeat and fun and I can’t complain about the soothing voice that sings it either.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard – Definitely my overall favourite! No idea why this always beats the other songs but this is the only Christmas song that I will always listen to regardless of how many times I have heard it.  It is the first song that gets played when I wrap presents and it’s the one that once I hear it for the first time I believe the countdown is finally on.

I started this list with intention of doing a top 5 since that is one of the better numbers but I think these are the only Christmas songs I always want to listen to. Although at church on Christmas Eve I still love listening to the kids singing Away in a Manger and Starry Night, takes me right back to being 5 years old and it is the sweetest thing in the world!

Love to hear what everyone else’s favourite Christmas songs are.

Thanks guys


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 14: Top Christmas Songs”

  1. I’m guessing you’re British, since no American other than me knows who Wizzard is! (And, also, you spell “favourite” with a “u”).

    My new top Christmas song is Jethro Tull’s “Birthday Card for Christmas.” It touches on the hypocrisy of Christmas, but not too overtly, and the music is great. Cheers!


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