Blogmas Day 15: Christmas Shopping Update

Is anyone else out there a major planner? I love lists and this time of year is genuinely one of the times I thrive in because of all the organisation it allows me to get involved in.

I tend to start planning present ideas for people a good while before Christmas, I actually think I got a new record this year with me starting around the beginning of September. To be fair I had the added pressure of my brother’s 30th next January and my sister-in-law’s 30th three months later in April, so forward planning was crucial for me this year.

So now that we are getting very close to Christmas how am I doing with my Christmas shopping?

Well I am very happy to say I managed to finish this all off about a week ago.Not only that but I feel I have actually managed to get good presents that everyone will enjoy.

My niece has been thoroughly spoiled by me (as it should be) and my favourite present I got her is her Rapunzel dress that I have put in a very cute box with tissue paper to make it look even more exciting!

Since my dad’s birthday is 23rd December I always struggle with getting my dad enough for Christmas. So my plan this year is take my dad for lunch for his bday and keep actual presents for Christmas and I managed to finish his presents off pretty early. My favourite present for him being his personalised desk calendar – this has actually become a traditional present for him but I love making the calendar each year with new photos.

I actually thought I had finished shopping for my mum even earlier than usual this year until my brother phoned me asking if I wanted to buy her tickets for a show – of course I said yes. Thankfully that means my mum’s Christmas presents are completely done with.

My secret Santa this year was also finished off quite quickly and as I write this it is even wrapped and ready to go next week on the 22nd when we have a Christmas night in to swap presents. Super organised this year and I think what I got it a good present. We tried to be quite strict with the budget this year since two out of the four of us have weddings to pay for and I have a deposit to save for.

My best friend’s present is probably the one I got first and that was about October! I am very much one of these people that when I see a present I’ll get it then and there. Can’t wait to see them after they open their present. I don’t think they’ll see this post so all I’ll say on it is that this present means we get to have a proper best friend date in late February and I am so excited!

So ye I have been super organised this year, starting to get presents as far back as October and now all that is left to do is finish wrapping them.

How is everyone else getting on with Christmas shopping?

Thanks guys


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