Blogmas Day 16: Grateful For In 2018

I made a pretty generic grateful list last year as an exercise to help with my anxiety (which normally gets so much worse at this time of year). I decided this would be a good thing to try and do each year, focusing solely on what I am thankful for in this year alone.

Of course some things should hopefully always stay the same, like family, friends and my health but I think it would help me focus on the positives in life because I think we all know how easy it is to dwell on when things do not go our way, especially nowadays when we are surrounded by this Instagram perfect lifestyle that can never be achieved fully.

Grateful in 2018

My family – Yes let’s get the obvious one out the way right off. I am grateful for my family every day.

My friends – Another obvious one but after the year I have had I can’t thank them enough just for putting up with me. I am not always the easier person to deal with and they are always willing to listen to my stories.

My job – I started my new job in February of this year and could not be more thankful for all the opportunities I feel it has opened up to me. Not only it is my first permanent contract since graduating from university but it has allowed me access to more training and the chance to apply for jobs in different departments further up the ladder that I am hoping to take advantage of as we get into 2019.

My work colleagues – Yes with the job came a new group of work colleagues and I am thankful to them for welcoming me in and making me feel part of the team.

My old work family – Which reminds me I am still thankful for my old work family from my uni days. It’s not very often an entire team get on so well but it really felt like a little family for the 4 years I worked there. We don’t see each other the same and can go long stretches without speaking but this year has managed to remind me again that you don’t need to see people all the time to stay close. They were still there when I needed them.

Living with my parents – Not going to lie I am desperate to move out next year and so so determined to do it but I am not naive enough to think that I shouldn’t consider myself lucky to still be able to stay at home with my mum and dad. I am more thankful this year as I realise this will probably be my last Christmas at home, of course I still plan to spend every Christmas with them. I am grateful to be able to save my money and sort myself out while still having my parents there to take care of me when I need it.

Spare money – Thanks to the above point I am a grateful particularly this year for having disposable income despite me still being able to save as much money as I can for my own place. This has allowed me to enjoy a holiday to Copenhagen and countless food dates and clothes etc. Plus if all goes to plan for next year then I won’t have as much spare money to enjoy so I better make the most of it.

My Disney blanket – Yes a pretty random thing but I bought this at the start of the year and believe me when I say I have been incredibly thankful for this during the cold mornings and cold nights!

Our summer – Yes hard to believe but Scotland had what I would view as a real summer this year! I was able to go bare legged, can you believe it? Thanks to this it made not having a proper summer holiday this year easier to accept.

A strange mix of things but a nice way to remind myself of the different areas you can be happy with and both the big and small things that can make the difference to your lift.

Thanks guys


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