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Blogmas Day 17: Why Do I Love Christmas?

I think an easier question would be why would anyone not love Christmas? But I have a feeling that may just be me. Of course Christmas can be a hard time of year for people and it can often bring to light things about your life you maybe aren’t happy with while you’re scrolling through everyone’s cheerful Instagram posts but ultimately I just couldn’t love Christmas any more than I already do. 

So why do I love Christmas?

As an overall holiday Christmas is not just simply one day, it is a massive build up to one, possibly two days of cheer and love spent with those you love the most. We all live such busy lives and yet the overall Christmas period is a designated time in everyone’s minds where they remind themselves to make time for all those that they love. Those friends that you never manage to get together as a group with anymore? Let’s take part in a Secret Santa and have a night in to switch presents. That Auntie and Uncle that live a good while away that you can’t ever get away to spend time with? They’re coming to yours for Boxing Day dinner. Even those work colleagues that you don’t quite feel at home with yet? Your team is having a Christmas lunch and night out. 

Looking at this aspect alone has allowed me to (so far, as I write this in October) have a girls night in planned, two Christmas dinners over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, a day in Edinburgh at the Christmas markets and a work Christmas night out planned all organised for the run up to Christmas. This will only get added to as we get closer. 

The atmosphere is incredible. Don’t get me wrong when I worked in retail the Christmas build up was dreaded (seriously who cares that much about coffee being in a  red cup?). Yet there was also something magical about the buzz that came with it all. I appreciate the buzz even more now that I can truly enjoy it. Most people just seem to be overall in a better mood, even if they are stressed about Christmas. Wandering around Christmas markets with everyone else truly throwing themselves into everything Christmas, the spirit can’t help but rub off on you. Seriously I absolutely adore wandering round Christmas markets with hot chocolate in hand, looking at all the decorations and smelling all the amazing food. 

Am I the only one that actually loves the cold weather? Well in small doses when I don’t need to go anywhere. There’s just something so comforting about the colder weather because it just means lying in bed when it’s dark and cold outside makes you feel so much cosier. 

The most obvious thing is the family aspect of Christmas because it’s kind of the only time you get a real chance to see everyone again. I love going out to houses with cards to catch up with aunties, uncles, family friends, the list goes on. I love spending time with everyone I care about.

Christmas mornings are also just amazing! Even as an adult I get excited for the day to start. Now I am excited to see everyone open presents I got them rather than see what Santa got me. Now I love going to my brother’s and being with him and his family. 

Ultimately I love Christmas because it makes me think about all those I care about and is a time when everyone sets aside time in their busy lives to be with their loved ones. Yes everyone should make time no matter when it is but during this time people actively make plans. I love the cold weather and the warm clothes because it makes you feel cosy I just love everything. 

Thanks guys 


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